President Trump, Google, Senator John Mccain discussed on Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes


Scott Goldberg. Google is, responding to, a tweet from President Trump President Trump slam. Google on Twitter this morning writing quote they have. It rigged for, me, and, others so that almost all stories and news is bad the president. Adds quote Google. And others are suppressing, voices of conservatives and hiding information and news that is, good a spokesperson for Google push back on the. Allegations from President Trump and said it search engine algorithm doesn't include consideration of politics ABC's Karen Travers a. Day after President Trump announced a trade deal with Mexico that could, potentially replace NAFTA the foreign minister, of Canada is coming to Washington to begin talks, Canada also as, part, of NAFTA but was left, out of that deal touted yesterday secretary, of defense James Madison's remembering Senator John McCain or nation has. Lost a great patriot and our military has lost one of our most ardent supporters and today is primary day. In Arizona and voters will choose the candidates who will face each For the seat held by the other Senator who's retiring Republican Jeff. Flake what he's been a, nasty battle. Among Republicans here in Arizona is highlighted by Dr, Kelli ward, who is courted the. Far right, vote over, the weekend on Facebook she seemed to suggest. That the McCain family announcing John McCain would stop. Cancer treatment was, timed, to, hurt her campaign then she blamed the media for making it into a big deal. ABC's Alec stone Jacksonville, landing has reopened two days after a gunman opened fire, at a gaming tournament killing two people and himself. And we're learning more about the suspect in two thousand seven David cancers parents were divorced during the proceedings. Court records show they disagreed about how their son then thirteen should, be cared for the team had, been hospitalized in psychiatric facilities at least twice and, had been prescribed, anti-depressants, and anti-psychotic medications ABC's Jim, Ryan in Detroit the body of a, wreath of Franklin is lying in repose at the Charles h...

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