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In the south florida. Morning show with jennifer ross in bill adams on newstalk eight fifty w. mt l. That people get every american will get everyone out and then they backtracked on that and said no. We're gonna be intimidated by these terrorists every stuff along the way if they tell us You know get out of our airbase. We're going to be there. They tell us to get out of the embassy. We're gonna leave their number. We were saying just the other day jin that the freedom caucus from some house republicans some of the some of the younger ones like that Lauren bogert gun toting. Mama mama bear from colorado a said that they want a hearing in the house. They're still going to push for it will. There's friend of the show congressman. Brian mast asking for the same thing. They want answers. I you know. Unfortunately i it. It would be nice if they got answers but this it was just funny because i was just reading this this this twitter thing i get stuck on twitter whole Careful yeah pool over there. But it's basically saying we have this administration. This president was on the phone with the president of another nation telling that president to life form and we'll give you financial help militarily. That was incredible. Okay we're talking about biden. Speaking to what was his name ganji. Jegan what would ghani ghani. The guy that left all the millions out of afghanistan yet. We try to impeach another president just before him because of a private conversation but this administration won't talk about it and no. That's it's it's the president's business it's none of yours at using but it involves thirteen marines getting killed alot. The the call. You're talking about two. It's verified reuters. Got a hold of the transcript of it and yeah it was biden. This is days before afghanistan fell talking. Ghani saying oh perception was you make it sound like you know. It's not going to be as bad. God comes back in the conversation. He says we have fifteen to twenty five thousand taliban fighters ready to come in here. I can't tell you that it's not going to be a horror show. It binds like well if you if you change the perception of that we can give you some military support. This is that christ's there is impeachable. I know that's a private conversation. So where god. I guess that would jen. Psaki was asked that question numerous times yesterday..

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