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To rely five business and the state of connecticut to bring back to state of connecticut a little repeat this again and i know people sam crazy but think about this when you're said to be crazy when you bring up this suggestion and no one is talking about this the republicans aren't talking about this certainly the democrats aren't talking about this do you really want to bring about the dramatic change in connecticut that is necessary you don't do what governor malloy essentially did with that nah his grovel grovel and this is dan ours column of sure you'll read it in the current some type of the next couple of days it's on the currence website now essentially the governor and the commissioner for the department of economic and community development catherine smith reached out by letter that concerns me by the way by letter a letters one thing i get it but where's the face to face with as the governor picking up the phone to somebody you must know mark berta leniency hey can you give me in touch with mark so we can have a sit down here face to face so i can at least be told face to face he's gonna pick up and leave can somebody do that for me apparently that has not happened first of all the governor's tried to reach out maybe by me making a phone call or to and berteling he hasn't we've turned the phone calls and then by letter so he's on the record as having reached out to bertil any by letter that's all well and good and bertolini has not gotten back to the governor either by letter or by phone as for whatever reason ignored of the governor's entrees buck glenn you put yourself in a position which is what i gather in reading dan hires column of as the leader of the state of connecticut you are groveling grovelling to the ceo of that now or any ceo in order to keep them in your state that on his serve as the perfect illustration of the the culture the governmental culture that exists in connecticut amazing he you'll groveling and that according to dan higher what the governor and the governor i'm sure is now making this known and that's i'm sure how dan.

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