Trevor Bauer, Melby, Ucla discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney


It's well known that those guys were ucla they didn't like each other and their little back and forth between them and it's really i mean you could not put them in a room together i'm sure and have a civil conversation so yeah what exactly he meant i don't know i find it endlessly entertaining in a car crest way and i just find trevor bauer to be a fascinating guy and i'm sure there are people you know like i i wrote a story on them last week and kinda got a backlash because people don't like it's politics number one he has series on a lot of things i mean he comes out and talks about being censored by melby on his twitter account and a lot of different things again i think he's a better person than he's made out to be you know he's certainly get an odd way of relating to people but as i said he amazingly honest and i just find that in baseball hey there's room for some different characters and in my world is room for trevor bauer and as long as he backed it up the way he's pitched he can say whatever one he just has to deal with the followed yeah i agree with you i don't care about the politics my inlaws have different politics and i do and i love them who cares right joshua do you what do you think about the whole foreign substance thing.

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