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Representatives Brenda Lawrence and Rashida to leave sending a letter to the Michigan department of environmental quality and the state housing developmental thority urging the agencies to address the possible public health concerns regarding potentially contaminated demolition sites in Detroit. The lawmakers say they're deeply concerned by news of the soil being used to fill devolution site says part of the blight elimination program in Detroit, they say look forward to working closely with the MVP cue to ensure that proper oversight is being conducted. A local charity run by woman with personal ties to Detroit mayor Mike Duggan may have received some special treatment, according to a freedom of information act request by the Detroit Free Press. The make your date foundation run by Dr Sonia Hassan, not only received thirty three hundred fifty three thousand dollars in city grants, but also help from Detroit's chief development officer in fundraising city, put out a statement calling the story factually wrong saying that every dollar of city funds went directly to Wayne State university. And not to the make your date foundation. The sounded previously been chosen by mayor Duggan to lead the city's efforts to reduce Preterm births. Michigan supreme court rules. The state must correct one hundred million dollar mistake WW j legal analysts Charlie Langton about forty thousand people were wrongfully accused of unemployment fraud due to a faulty computer. The state wrongfully took about one hundred million dollars those people sued but lost. Now in a unanimous opinion. The state supreme court said that those victims have legal right to get their money back some people or actually charged with crimes not sure yet. How those people will be made whole Charlie Langton WJ NewsRadio nine fifty House Ways. And means committee, chairman Representative Richard meal is Emil that is is asking for six years of President Trump's tax terms. He based the requests on an obscure provision in the federal tax law that requires the IRS to audit the president and the vice president every year. This is clearly a clever careering narrowly crafted requests because they believe this is their best hope of getting the president's tax returns. President said he believes the law is on his side. Well, that's not what most legal experts tell me. They actually think this is a pretty strong case by this specific committee to be able to get these tax returns. They would not be made public. It only be available to if you people, but I expected the White House will launch a legal challenge. CBS news chorus. Paula reid. Meanwhile, of course, the deadline to file your federal income tax return, April fifteenth ten days away, the IRS says about forty percent of Americans have not filed yet and many are requesting more time. CBS news correspondent and Werner ripped explains. Why small business owners are struggling to understand the changes in last year's tax overhaul and the IRS estimates? A record fourteen point six million individuals are requesting extensions this year, along with nearly eight million LLC's the new tax law changes make calculating deductions this year more difficult, for example, who may qualify for business tax cuts, and how much they can deduct that is still open to interpretation. That's anna. Werner reporting. Boeing's troubles are mounting. The company said it's cutting production of its grounded 737 max jetliners as it races to finish a software fix to get the planes back in the air, your CBS news transportation correspondent Kris van cleave. A day after acknowledging a system on the Boeing seven thirty seven max was a common link between two deadly crashes. CEO Dennis Muilenburg announced the company will slow seven thirty seven production by ten a month from fifty two to forty two the production. Cut comes as Boeing is focusing additional resources on the software update required to get the max flying again going pause deliveries after the grounding of its max fleet last month the plane is vitally important to Boeing estimated to account for one third of the company's total revenue over the next five years van cleave says the seven thirty seven Max's Boeing's fastest-selling plane ever more than forty six hundred of the planes are on order. A major project to bring thousands of jobs to Detroit could mean temporary layouts for about seven hundred auto workers. The Chrysler has filed a letter with a state that says effective March thirtieth. The automaker will begin implementing temporary layoffs as part of a closing of its MAC engine plant and Detroit decide to retool for a possible future location. Here's more from WW J outta beat reporter Jeff Gilbert while the building is being done for a new assembly plant. No work can be done at the existing plant that existing plant currently as MAC engine. That means a seven hundred workers would be laid off. But Chrysler says the layoffs will likely be very temporary because they have many openings within the system, and they will likely be able to place those laid off workers at other Fiat Chrysler facilities in February Fiat Chrysler announced it would spend one point six billion dollars to convert the MAC engine.

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