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Thomas Rhett, Dr. Yeah, Thomas Rhett Achim discussed on The Bobby Bones Show


And I've, I've learned that you're, you're kind of your first middle name is Thomas Rhett, right? But is that Trump fans have trouble with that? They do, and people people get our names wrong, atone like people think my last name is writ a lot of our fans Lauren's name is Laura. People think will as will, as name is willow, they ate. His name is Eva like it's hilarious how they get nines, kind of kind of stopped around. And so I just kind of roll with it, whatever Laura read, she loves that. So Thomas Rhett Achim junior, junior. Yeah. Doctor Dr. Yeah, so we played live changes. Is this the next one? Yeah. Yeah. The next single this. This is always been one of my favorite songs on the record. And remember when we did the thing in in my truck that that I got back from childhood. This is what the very first I talks about this this vehicle, so I'm glad you gotta right around that. So it wanted memories in that in that bad boy, Thomas Rhett got Thomas Rhett to call him now t. r. yeah. To be quite Thomas though, right people that did people that know you are they call you to your, okay. No-one really calls me Thomas if you want to take that role, you can. I don't though, and I call you TR off, but I kind of feel Guber calling you that. Wow on the right because it sounds so inside ary you are in San. I know we talked about the evidence fills, I don't wanna be cool guy. I'm not John though. The that. You riding around where he just got his first truck, right? I stroke ever. Yeah. So we're riding around in the truck and so the truck do? Yeah, drive around. I don't drive it enough. It actually died. That's how little that. I've driven it in the last two months. Well, this song, the first verse of sixteen is about that mentioned this truck. Coming out when you doing that. Beginning about a lot Jabber. I remember the big question about this song just going from being so insider in cool. You like the chorus changes. The words we we. We put this out of the single because the course changes because it goes sixteen seventeen sixteen eighteen twenty one. Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know, it's one of those. I love story songs. I, I love south ever songs from the past or how songs can progress over a period of time, and then become a real story about just things that you've experienced. And that's definitely what the song about going from sixteen won't be eighteen being eighteen won't be twenty one. And then you're however old wanting to be kind of sixteen again and being, you know, young again and and and so that's kind of the basis of song. I'll see your Instagram. Sometimes you're playing golf with Nile Horan from one direction. Yeah, nice guy. Super nice, normal guy. 'cause you normal dude, very normal. Yeah, I was 'cause Charles Kelley from latex said, you wanna play golf me now today, and I'd I'd hung out with an a little bit last year. I can't remember where we were, but we became good for nothing. Is it stagecoach actually where I met him in l. a. and became friends exchange numbers in kind of kept in touch and then really got to know each other pretty well when he played a show in Nashville..

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Thomas Rhett, Dr. Yeah, Thomas Rhett Achim discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

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