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And you probably covered some of the bay sector and then what what happens and I'm invested goes onstage I had the microphone I sit down on the side of the stages go shit on a deck I got a standing ovation and is the best part his name and his legal name this legal name Clinton shorter Clinton shorter is as middle named a Bill Clinton but shorter hi how you folks I really let's say Clinton but shorter butcher she goes so you vacuum diamond butcher then you perfect Clinton sure that's his name is any any is the guy's standing ovation and then he had the microphone back to me and I almost needed to take a moment like I need to acknowledge what just happened here like this this was amazing and now we keep in touch any it goes yeah the Houston is booking me more and it's like because of Ed because they saw him get a standing in front of a sold out audience how lake and that to me more than a lot of the things I've done them I don't mean to be cliche but as I get older I'm like giving and Surveys and pat paying it forward people really onto something there and we're so resistant all we do is medicate right let's get to the couch and field good as we can while we watch images of other people's lives right and meanwhile some real shit could be happening and you could be helping out and did an amazing how how it came to the you yeah you were being paid while you did that right I got paid while I did the Shag for being sweetheart you figured it out the best way to do it yeah so so the fact that that's happened now and there's an there's several their dwarf Comedians have started since I've done it now I don't know if I'm if I'm the reason why they did I don't want to assume that I am but a- It's nice to know that there's 'cause because before there was just there's three us there was ten Davis Nick Novicki me yeah that's about it I think Danny would burn kinda did it for a little while but like the that was pretty much it in terms of touring comics working comics right and so I like to see more and I don't I don't care if you like oh but what if they do your style of materials yeah I don't I don't care do do their jokes alright `new jokes I'm Ryan Right I'm sixteen years and if I if I can't ride a joke better than someone who's three years in talking about talking about dwarfism that I'm I'm not in a good position right what is that noise that is the cord on your workout machines don't call it a worker okay that is your cord on your clothes Hanger Funny Towel Dryer No my God Sweet Lord Okay How me I'm GonNa get to Jeff Dunham sure you're at a am I right in saying dwarf and a Little Person Convention on it Yup interesting it's from the organization little people of America. LPGA started by the actor. Billy Barty when he's when he it was called midgets of America and that's why I have I'm very torn about the word midget because they started off saying we're midgets of America and then a few years later they're like don't call us that and I'm like Oh wait little people started the Fr- the term midget didn't start it can I say it in context I am says context it's fine context I'm not had people so they but they called their organization that they they didn't start the word but they called the organization this reminds me of I saw people asking for honey and they were old vests this is in Chicago probably in two thousand two and they were and it said help our word children I don't even want to say ooh Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh right there was a time it's over yeah when they were like a doctor would be like your child is blank yeah that was a medical condition medical terminate fucked up we fucked up but the the words started as a self declaration it started before that and the I don't know when it started and this is one of the reasons why I'm so torn confused with how I should feel about this word the word has midget I don't no if I should be mad and I don't if I'm not mad should I force myself be mad I don't know I'm very torn because a lot of slurs refer to something that is hateful and disgusting and like we call someone this thing because they eat this or because there is look a certain way or their faces a certain color like they there are some routes in evil. I don't know where the evil roots are with the word Midget I've heard Barnum Kinda popularized it but it was used before that so maybe that's where it comes from right I don't get upset when I hear the word for me it's it's very much context because if someone drives in a pickup truck and just yells out okay well then yeah that kind of that kind of made but if they drove by win in little pay like it's also offensive you know what I mean so I I'm very torn with the word I always people you know what I don't mind if you call me that but when you see another little person out and about don't use the word right so that's how I you use it in your APP yeah in my act because I don't WanNa word that power over me I don't want to be able it reminds me of shells love of the N. Word he said in his interview with my Angelou who obviously is very against the n word right it was a very on iconoclasts it's worth watching I chapelle does this talk and he kind of defends it's a similar approach he's yeah you can't have that yeah I don't want someone to be able to have a word that they know that if they call me this word they win yeah like that's their ultimate colledge hammer where it's like I can't block that I have to be mad like there's a bit about that really yeah when a White Guy Black guy are fighting they use that word it it's not a level playing field anymore it's weird that's one of us has an atomic bomb yeah yeah and cracker I mean it's not the same because I mean there's just so there's so much history in hate young murder and disgustingness right when that were yeah I and I don't feel there's discussing this with the word midget but and but it's also the reason why I don't want to have that power I don't want someone to think they have that however me and the word is not powerful to me when you call me midget I don't have to do a midget thing like I don't have to be like well you said that so now I'm going to go do all right now I'm GonNa go go go to my house in the tree I I'm not GonNa do that I laughed so hard at the door I'm so sorry but that is so funny q i I'm sorry you said it to be fun it really made me laugh good yeah 'cause I always was very confused I watched cartoons I'd grown up in David the gnome they lived in like trees and mushrooms and things like that one of the problems with little jokes are so easy yeah wouldn't you say there easy and also I'm I'm discussing this act right now where I go anyone can do my group is also one of the only groups are stereotypes aren't real what's our stereos I like our stereotype like like go down the list of Dwarf stereotypes it's like Oh we're Leprechaun's okay that's fantastical We made cookies okay that's Keeler that's just me Oh you know what I mean so like there's all these stereotypes that we have like lupus okay that's fantastic or Munchkins that's also fantastic all right like nothing is like the thing where it's like oh no they actually do that right I think you touched on when you get into making fun of how little person runs I think we're kinda close to the nerve there aren't we here we go me to my question how do other in your experience other doors feel about your ass usually upset until they see it is that right yeah I've had so I can't help but shake like when somebody is onstage especially let's take an Asian comedian shirt for all white UPHOLSTER and they're up there or black comedian or anything that's not a white anglo-saxon Protestant yet you are funny funny like Iraq story as a researcher what you call us the grocery store you'll find out you are but anytime I see somebody really killing a bunch of white people doing jokes that if a white person said be racist I always get that weird feeling where I'm like you just gave us a pass because as as mammals we go but this is just more otherness more other other ring of somebody if they're doing it it's okay it's one of these things we have as pack animals as pattern recognizing mammals so it can be some really racist Shit there's obviously I'm not saying this about you at all but I've seen comedians where I'm like you're just a bad comedian and you go up in front of dumb white people safe fucked up shit that that fucked up white people think they're like it's okay did you can't be racist yeah like the up thinking is one of them is here why is race they say this in the British office why should racism only be offensive to those races it should just be offensive that's right offensive that's just bad it's bad yeah and that's why I'm wondering do other little like hey you're you're you're kind of yes so there's a story and this happened this happened to me I don't know if you've ever toured and got to go to Joey's comedy club in Livonia Michigan but I haven't lived oh you haven't lived and Joey in Livonia it's closed but close joey closed Joey's was it a kangaroo club get it I get it you got a kid so I was doing a show there and I was actually protested by little people get the local chapter of the L. P. A. There came out to my show and I'm I'm I'm going to say a line from my act back when it happened but they came out with the picket signs and everything away they weren't picket signs they were three by five cards they were they were they were really protesting and I invited them in see the show I said I don't know why you're not liking me and they said because you say the word midget that's a horrible word in your in your telling other people say the word midget and I go have you seen I show yeah and they go no I go okay watch the show watch the show then if you still hate it then then we'd have a conversation and because you're a you're a brave man son of a lawyer so is that right yeah we're gonNA high-powered white suit lawyers and we're going to your plan so sorry invited them all in and because at the time selling tickets and there's plenty of room and only three of them decided to see the show the the there was about twelve and restroom said no but the three that came to see the show they talked to where they're like oh you're not doing what we thought you were doing it all oh like you're going on stage and you're empowering the Green Book Makes Crack Oh that's a green book reference I thought when you say Christmas that was an Alfred I'm glad you clarified in the movie green the mother never would therefore so I've performed at the at the little people convention I performed at the Convention for about five hundred little people and they came up and they were like awesome because they see it and they go oh you're empowering like explaining you're describing the life and like I do one of the things that they love is that I do at the show before I do my meet-and-greet I explained rules for interacting with little people I know this is what you do what Oh all right first of all because I was my question before was when two people are at the convention and they're having this conversation yes what people don't understand is like three no one feels great there was a time when bald people in the ground at a comedy club yeah you're getting rubbed to suck coupon among the ball guys like thirty dollars right now everyone's looking looking laughing at me yeah never on the head Jesus Christ I mean come on then then the.

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