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Here you are a teenager. You're sitting at the piano. Play the melody for Tim. Bryce how does it work. Can you tell us how the creative process worked. Well I mean with anything to do musical theater. which is really what I do? I mean you can handwrite melody's in isolation yes. Of course we can think of the mime in any time they could come in the mid. I could think of one in the middle of this interview But really eh with musicals everything starts and finishes with the story. I am a firm believer that a great musical school can't carry a bad story whereas a really great story can carry an okay musical school. I could give many examples of that but you're uh well give us really great example of a of a great story carrying on carrying but service by fantastic. School would be Romeo Juliet Westside westside story. Or if you WANNA go. Shakespeare hamlet the lung king because the Lion King is really the story of handed and it. Those are role great stories. And in my case I I found that I don Sutton musicals. Where perhaps the story isn't really strong enough and no matter what I? I think that the musical never really have been as successful as it wouldn't be if it had been a great story rates to look at look at the story of Joseph is wonderful because it's very simple primal tale about Jealousy and then redemption and forgiveness us and that's private sale. I mean the story. I mean thinking that the Tim Rice wants the story of will the last seven days of Jesus Christ is pretty good and the of course the one show that you come round and say well. He's talking nonsense about great story would be cats because cats hasn't really a story That was that was me trying to do something that I hadn't done before I mean my mother used to read me. CAP EARNS OPRAH's book of practical cats Salaam. Little boy McDermott is a mystery cat. He's called the hidden bowl for. He's the mouse to criminal. Who can defy the law? Oh He's the bafflement of Scotland Yard the flying squad's despair but when they reached the scene of crime. mcavan is is not and Tim. Rice on was like to really right to melodies but with cats I wanted to do was to see if I could set existing verse because I'd never done that before so I started setting the terms thinking to them as a concept piece and and with VIP because Valerie Alia to tears. Elliot's widow gave me some other poems which would not actually published as zones possum. I thought I'd got something bigger. I wasn't sure what it was. And that evolved into cats the musical which was very very much about dance which was happening. In Britain at the time and a whole load of areas of the Vai hadn't really got into but primarily. It started because I wanted to see if I could set existing poetry to Music Matt Tees Cat. He's called the hidden for. He's a master a criminal who can defy the law. He's the momentum. Scotland Yard the flying squad when they reached the scene of crime. McCafferty's.

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