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Ruining kids faces with dodge balls yeah it's like the oh men but with bullying it's a bit is kind of like the omen that movie i've often compared billy madison to the in the third installment in like the omen is billy madison it's like well i like those articles that are like what you don't know about this movies like this character was a ghost the whole time yeah which i think is like a ferris bueller theory mainly where it's like ferris is the fight club imagination of cameron yeah like billy madison it's just like the children make their fear into adam sandler if you have any stories about this thing on a film was super real or even just crazy things behind the scenes of a movie anything billy madison fan theories come come break we'll take them in the meantime while people are maybe lining up there the movie goodfellas whole story about it do you guys remember there's the scene where a couple of the goodfellas are at joe pesci letterman's jackets you did good phyllis now that's my favorite line from them there's a scene where they all go to joe pesci mom's house to get some food and chill out for a bit and she shows him a weird painting and the way scorsese set that up is he just got his own personal mom to play joe pesci mom and didn't really give her a script or anything he told her pretend these guys have just come home late for some food be sure to show them this weird painting and then they just been made up the whole thing the whole thing is just what martin scorsese's mother catherine wanted to do yeah yeah that's one of the scenes in the movie is a great dogs going every game like my son will become a director and then put me in a scene oh yeah playing psychopaths mom because she is she liked the most positive character in the entire movie is she the most likeable human all could fill fast fella she's probably her characters murdered so many people just probably see it onscreen i think i think we've got somebody lined up if you want to tell us your name and then let's find out a thing christina hi christine at so my favorite one is in lord of the rings i'm sure a lot of people have heard of this one there's a scene with vigo mortenson and he drops like a helmet or like a sword on his foot and they like pan out and he's like screaming and that's because he actually broke his toe onset and they got it in the shot and they're like great that looked good and he but he actually broke his toe and later had to go to the doctor and get a cast and stuff i love that you're saying that with a smile it's just such a genuine screams out i can't remember if it's the first or second lord of the rings movie but it's very obvious when you re watch it exactly which scene it is that he broke his toe to check that out i'm also surprised in a movie that has so many visual effects that they have like big heavy swords like for real right yeah oh helmet oh sorry yeah but still either way that's crazy it's like yeah because i wonder almost if like making the equipment that real is there like a little bit hoping they get that you know what i mean like so much but like maybe maybe a finger like falls out the back of the truck you know what i mean like maybe we plus another one where you would never think it's real because so much in the movie is is she is saying though it's like you know when that pain is real maybe that's.

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