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Are very surprised when a man broke into a training exercise on the west side of the city today. WGN traffic, no major problems to report at this hour. A man from Joaquin was shot today at the hohmann square police facility on the west side. He reportedly infiltrated a S.W.A.T. team exercise going on in the building, picked up at least two guns from a table and then pointed them at officers in the room. He was shot by one of the officers. Chicago, police superintendent David Brown says a man is expected to recover, but he didn't reveal much more about the injuries. Far as where he was shot, I'm going to withhold speculating many times where the wounds are not worth the shot happen. So we'll obviously wait till the investigation is complete and share where he was shot with you when we can confirm it. Superintendent Brian added that the man has a significant criminal record. Chicago police say a release photos and a video. Of a man being attacked by two people on the CTA red line early yesterday morning. That man was robbed and then struck in the head by a wine bottle. Eric Lewis is a president of team Lewis, the untouchables Inc it's a group of retired Marine Corps experts trying to clean up crime on the CTA. Lewis told Chicago's afternoon news, a trouble with CTA crime is. At 4 o'clock port only in the morning, it's a group out there. And it's operation. It's a business. A local community group is now offering a $1000 reward to the arrests in conviction of the suspects in that red line attack. Dozens of people gathered earlier tonight for a candlelight vigil. They remembered the three victims killed in a domestic violence shooting at oak forest last week. A man who lost two children and his ex-wife spoke out publicly for the first time at the event. Jorge Rodriguez's children 20 year old melia and 22 year old Brianna Rodriguez were killed among with his ex-wife, the children's mother, 43 year old lupe, Gomez. Lupe is husband, Carlos Gomez, allegedly shot the three, barricaded himself in a home and then set it on fire. He reportedly died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Rodriguez says he fired for years, her custody of Brianna, yet Emilio, he even went to court back in 2016 after police records showed officers arrested Carlos Gomez for assault and domestic battery. We could be in for a rough flu season this year, experts say we've had a couple of moderate flu seasons partly because of the precautions may be taking to prevent COVID like masking and social distancing. The doctor Kevin most with northwestern medicine told bob Sarah this morning, the ab researchers have already tracked the effects of severe flu season in the southern hemisphere. That's how we predict what strains are going to be around in the impact of them. And they had a terrible flu season. They saw this huge early spike, which is one of our biggest concerns right now because we have vaccine fatigue. It's important to remember to get the flu vaccine because the

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