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Is. Jalen hurts his agent away the moment after this came in no he's presented by little wayne any about why this is such a good fit and wild. It's exactly what you said. It's because of the way Doug Peterson tries to use the whole fifty three man roster on Game Day it's because of the fourth down attempts it's because of the two point conversion attempt so I know Jalen and his representation feel like they are in the perfect spot and it's not because they think they're going to unseat Carson Wentz so I don't think guards wind should be concerned that all they drafted a backup. You need every team needs a backup even teams who don't run two point conversions and seems whose quarterback doesn't seemingly get once a year. So I I just wild to me. It makes perfect sense and I. I'm not worried that Carson wentz is going to have some in theory already complex about it wild. No I agree with you. In first of all to address your namedrop. I got a very important piece of advice from Robert Deniro. And he said never namedrop so you can just take that and file that one away there. I also think just as far as the dynamic between quarterbacks goes I feel like we're already off to like a great footing. Carson Wentz tweeted at Jalen. Welcome to the best football city in America. Jalen hurts tweets right back so excited to get to learn from you in Philly. Let's go to work. Greg Jalen hurts by. All accounts is just a wonderful wonderful guy We saw him take loses starting job and be great with to it and be the multi teammate to me it should be no issue in Philadelphia that Jalen is just going to be the paramount teammate. To Carson Wentz and help support him and learn from him I agree. I love the situation for Jalen hurts I love the situation but Carson Wentz. Because he's going to be pushed but he's going to be a leader in that locker room and in that quarterback room to help us guidance and help bring back another championship to Philly. And if you look look across the lead. How many opportunities do these guys behind the starting quarterback get they get quite a bit in? How often do we see them fail? How often do we see teams not prepared for it? They're starting quarterback to go down and it ruins what they thought they were going to accomplish in the year. Look at the Green Bay packers and everyone wants to Putu what they've done what they did this last week. In the draft with drafting love behind Aaron Rodgers. They're doing the same thing. They're making sure that if something were to happen to Aaron Rodgers. We're going to be okay and I love the fact that you mentioned his relationship with two after getting his job a taken from him in the national championship game but still having the poison the plaster in the leadership skills stand tall and be who they needed him to be in those moments as a peer. That was going to support to this. Is going to be a great situation for jalen hurts? Nikola Massey this if Carson Wentz does Stay.

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