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Chris Collins is not going to run for. Reelection? Why I don't how much evidence is there have to. Be against a Republican for them to step down twenty-seven cycle one. Today, he, wrote a Bill that to help his own company or. Whatever 'cause like right on their, side Jim Jordan. It's like Nope going to, run for speaker. What why is, he still there I don't, all my God this is what McCall's. Was, talking about. On the happy hour podcast the wildly Sixers I know people loving them some more Collins she was fantastic but, she talked about this although white collar crimes that haven't been yeah Prosecuted right. With Republicans in, charge yeah there's a lot, out there these people I mean yeah. Yeah By the way and. We had, a great conversation, about Al Franken she's from obviously a soda and from the comedy world and yeah and. I was I was glad. To, see a lot of support. For Nancy, Pelosi over, the, weekend Just the same thing about eating our own right I, don't I mean if let's take the country back. And then we can figure all that stuff out you. Know but, I thought she, was great on she went on MSNBC yesterday morning and who to who tweeted this Hang on. It's here somewhere pardon me everybody talk amongst themselves I'll find it. Oh I mean just the same Nancy's seventy eight Hillary's seventy-one Bernie Seventy-six Trump seventy two which do, we hear or too old and need to retire. And should. Stay home, in knit this isn't about aids this is sexism and it's coming from the right, and the. Left and I just that's all I'm. Saying is that she is a bad ass legislatively money raising wise You know even Charley Pierce was tweeting he said I'd be open I don't think. She's going to be. There forever obviously at her age but he said I'd be open. A new leadership at who who used to you know who has her skills that's their right now My biggest thing. Is like their argument Trump keep saying oh she's too liberal she's too liberal, right within, the people who are on the far left Right or like she's too conservative right For some, right Hate us buying their narrative. And helping them that's. All, I'm, saying yeah anyway, whether, it's, Franken blah blah blah Don't, stab I sound like a dude It's been. From hanging out with colander I have a little rain cough All right Ida eventful weekend I'll. Tell you more about, a lot take a little. Nap twenty minutes after the hour this. Portion of the Stephanie Miller show thank. God super powered by SuperBeets double SuperBeets picks, me up like a kitten. By the SCRUFF of the neck and. Helps me get on with my day Do you know what I'm. Saying I, need it I need it I got to have the energy the. Stamina the, circulation nitric oxide the bodies miracle molecule guess what you don't make as much of when you age things but yes I need nitric oxide SuperBeets by whom human has. Harnessed the power of nutrient enriched beats created a SuperFood that. Helps your body make more nitric oxide. On its own that's why athletes.

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