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African countries. My dream is to get all of them. Daniel, you organise my guest, probably the world's best known writer on energy. The new map, energy climate and the clash of nations. So what is the effect of American Independence with regard to energy oil specifically and the Middle East. Well, it's a It's a big change, and I think those countries that export oil took him A while to understand that the world had really changed in the U. S. Is not the way it is not going to be imported much oil or any oil from that region very little from other regions. And so I think, you know, we saw this peace deal last week between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, and I think there are many elements they're obviously security is one dealing with Iran. I think the the effect of the threat of drone attacks and Israeli superior technology was an attraction Trade. I think what other reason it wass kind of thinking Well, the U. S is going to be less engaged in this region and we ought to have a relationship with ah, very strong country in the region that shares our concerns about Iran, so I think I think that was one of the Spurs for this, but I think it's a historic deal. It certainly is a what is it? What is the shouty thinking? Now The world is getting more independent of oil. Others are producing Mohr. Are they worried? Well, I think so. I have a quote in the new map from a senior Saudi officials said. You know, we've talked since the 19 seventies about diversifying our economy have never done anything. Now we have to do it because I think they're two things London. See, it's going to be over time. We're talking decades in terms of the world, reducing its oil usage, But nevertheless, that's their major source of income. The others they have, like 70% of population is under the age of 30 or so, 35. They have to create jobs for them, so I think you know they're trying to be serious about diversification. You know, meaning not just being dependent on oil, but you know, when you have an oil economy, it's not easy, Tio thinking to do so. You know, I can't even think self sand. I Well, if you felt fans you could make it out of that You could make silicon. No, I think that they're you know, they're the largest buyer of defense as weapons from the United States. And I think they're saying what we should have more so domestic defense industries too. But it is hard type, you know, Identify. You know one of the things they want to have an entertainment industry. They you're joking. You are kidding. They don't They don't allow women on stage. Well, that's now changed that they have you know that. Finally, after 40 years allowed movie appears to reopen aims to be seen as sources of depravity and vice and the first movie they sold showed with Black Panther is an amazing fell out, you know, like a year or two ago. So that's what they're trying to do, trying to create a huge entertainment complex, So Saudis spend money there instead of going to Disneyland in Paris or Orlando, But it's you know, it's not easy to just you know, when you Yeah. Show. But all right, So let's let's turn our attention now to China, but which you write in the book. And It's it seems clear is day to me that this is the new Cold War the U. S and China. Yeah, that's you know, my first book was on the order of the Cold War, and I never expected to be right about cold wars but certain about a year and a half or two years ago, as I was writing, I said, we're not in a cold war there were moving into something akin to it, and we may end up there. Certainly we're you know this notion, you know, the U. S and China are quite interactive economically at the same time now, what, really dominating the relationship is that we're competitors, Strategic rivals, great power competition. And you know we had a cold war with Russia, the Soviet Union. But the Soviet Union was a very minor factor in the world economy. This is different. China is a big deal in the world. It's a very important distinction. Yeah, And so how? How This is going to play out. I mean, it is And they have, like you can just say it because at the beginning, you know point I really think it's you know, it's that second sentence and and and then what happens So this's Ah Ah ah, You know what? The consequence I think this is one of those places And then what happened, so it really takes some foresighted. Think this through. Is is Taiwan. Something the Chinese though that's a trip wire week, we can't invade. I think that they see that and they don't know. They think they know how the U. S would respond. They're not positive how the US responds, but they turn it around when they release their defence document last year. I quote the guy who released it saying, you know if Taiwan declares its independence We will go to war now, you know, so it's just this permanent ambiguity and, of course with what happened to Hong Kong kind of gives a new cast of Are you familiar at all with the story out of the Czech Republic that check, one of the ministers in the Czech Republic told the Chinese Two f themselves. I believe that the one where the China is that the one where the Chinese responded very shall we say forcibly Yes. Ah, the Ah! They they try to bully countries with regard to Taiwan. On and the Czech Republic. I love those people. They just they literally said to the Chinese what I just said. And in general, which is rather I when I was about to interrupt you, but I'm happy I didn't hardly. No, no, no, no. I'm saying I'm happy. I didn't. But I I It was about I've been all over that I've been through 130 countries. I I'm very proud of that takes takes an effort to get to so many countries anyway. You've almost exhausted the list. Well, there's there's a lot left. But the problem is, if you know what's left is not easy to visit. Yeah, there are direct flights to the Central African Republic. Let's put it that way anyway. Everywhere. I've gone in the third world virtually everywhere. There's this gigantic Chinese presence. That's right. I mean, that's that's really there. That's what I say They're so integrated in the global economy. The prime minister, uh, Singapore had a very interesting article about two months ago where he basically said, Don't force us to choose. I go to the Middle East and I hear people saying Well. Our strategic relationships with United States. But China's our biggest customer, and I did a dialogue. All right, hold on with that. Don't Don't forget the word is dialogue. The new math Energy climate and the clash of nations. 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