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Everything is so fractured anyway like there's obviously all sorts of media options people watching different movies and people watch different shows now <hes> but even as a basketball tournament themselves all the shoe brands have their own big events that are going on like when i was coming up even even when you're didn't matter who you were sponsored by like you went to vegas for the the reebok big time there. It didn't matter if you're nike school whatever faked yes the reebok big time. Vegas was like the big tournament. Everyone went to and impeach team and everyone like they scheduled it. They're never competing but now it's like you have three big tournament's going on at once and guys. I don't know i don't know and they make you choose all fractured every they know where you know where you're leaning because if you're going to adidas nations you're not going to you why then everyone's like oh that's good. That's a nike kid. You call me malcolm clever. I hadn't unheard microgeneration say mike. I deserve it though i just i definitely deserved it. I think it's a compliment as as yeah definitely deserved j._j. Radic but think so <hes> speaking speaking of speaking of like pulling people and stuff like that show gary parrish fro yes for this <hes> candid coaches. This is my favorite so the candid coaches series series that gary paris does <hes> it's hit or miss from me from being honest a lot of times the questions i'm like yeah that's kind of boring. Whatever but my man brought the heat on this one gary she's throwing thrown ninety six on the black with this question which he he reaches out to the coaches and says if you won the national title would you visit the white house and explain your reasoning and sixty three percent say no and i just got a you know we are a stick to sports podcast but i just want to throw that out there that that is god bless you gary parrish for for you know college college basketball we don't need to. We don't need the latest out for our listeners. Most of the people that like college basketball most of the the the rabbit college basketball fans are joe rogan fans doodling a little bit to the right politically. I would say so say lean to the white. I liked that kyle nice re three three three to pay the players. I wish i could like this twice. <hes> <hes> yeah that is stereotypically people that like college basketball <hes> also like oppression and so <hes> <hes> for him for him to do this to basically have all these college basketball coaches come out and the fascinating thing was like the coach relate some of them kind of wanted to go but they they were like we never could go. There's no fucking way. I could stand in front of my players in the locker and be like hey. We're going into the white house now. <hes> so the whole thing is just hilarious in so great and i'm fascinated to to see what people have to say..

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