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You didn't see me yeah you should let them come with a with a nabet on a tray yes the south mhm weird liquor laws day to you can't you can have a drink in your room but they have to walk it up they have they have to deliver it to the room whether you call in and get some drinks rhino call it nick bring it up okay cool because i'm about to do that because now you're hitting and and thank you can't do doubles so he gave he technically gave me a half a shot and a one and a half ounce pour in the drink because utah's something else weird three point two percent draft beer at every bar and restaurant as a law in the bottles are just regular right you can they don't have any problem with serving it they just can't make it what because some of them bottles was made here so it's just the draft right what the fuck i mean all blue oh you mean like even all they can bottle beers that are brewed in utah and they can be more than that or the polygamy porter came from a different day and out there yeah there was there was like a polygamy porter and there's also i seen a polygamy sandwich yesterday while they're really on the goddamn knows with this whole thing i've been talking to the crowd's a lot about that and how the south get shit on because we fuck are cousins and the job has been hidden for people is but at least we do at one and a god damn time does it i mean i feel like it's easier for them to joke about it because it's so not real anymore like inspite of the reality television show and whatever we hear about some bum fucked place in utah that's as far removed from them as like bloodletting is from you know you're maybe not literally in terms of time but in terms of culture but.

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