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Your flu vaccine or your chocolate power power eight vaccine Chinese the not leave it behind and you've accomplished that morning. Yes. So everybody just sort of figure out. And if you do little indicators like ooh were switching switching Tuesday to Wednesday because Drew's traveling that'll be a red flag. Now, it'll be time to check and see your Jeremy Piven what's going on. Yes, it's helpful or you can just lead a life of my bad. But you don't wanna lead that life. All right. I got a lot to big bucks. That's a legal pad. I got I got tons and tons of stuff court this I been make I just sit around and make notes all day. But all right. Max, Pat, where do you want to do you wanna start here? Let's go with let's go with your article in the Las Vegas review journal. Okay. Interesting all part of the big theme. Which is I was reading an article from Las Vegas journal review. And it was it was a kind article about Kimmel opening as club and. It was. There's two kinds of there's two kinds of articles that can be written on you. Now. It's love this guy, and total douchebag. There's no more. Just I write an article on you. You get labeled like, oh, all right podcast soon. As you start seeing labels. I know where this is going or there's another version of it working go happy version, but there is no more reporting. There's just happy version. Sad version all part of the new world order in journalism so outright probably Jimmy Kimmel opens a comedy club. Right. So jimmy. So people tweet me this article and articles like Jimmy opened this thing and Jimmy's a hometown..

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