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Just wanted to say schenectady enacted a oxidized casey snow quami knack i love when inactive he it's on simpson's all the time yeah like way way north favorable north habour brooke that's the monorail can act at a are like wait what angry what is it that love the word yes so he got uh president obama that is great interview that's great we're not going to get obama yet we will eventually allowed to tell him hayden liking his whole the executive orders but in there i didn't and i know what his answer isn't it's because give the reality trent republican congress went to with single thing with him i get that doesn't mean i like it meant he'll understand why you didn't like it because he's that can affect guy at his singer and i'm not a fan of his foreign policy that he did we not get into that alike bringing up politics and religion at a dinner seriously way but he's the president i know former whatever uh i do miss him speaking of missing a man yes you know this this story keeps going around about sex robots right yet dave perked up at that i wanna tell you though deciding what you have pre perked up saragan joke you know my best friend the screener and this is joked that we have about an inch of summing we came up one night with destroying and talking about all the angry man who do crazy things like shoot things up in like jihadists who would like want to kill everybody for their virgins you know that are waiting for them and she says the so funny she was like honestly if these guys just got laid they would be happier people and they were like i said well they're doing this thing about these sex robots she's like honestly when you start diagnostic this early in in teenage years if you're not getting lay your parents should be able to get you a sex robot so that you don't turn around in lake village bunch people because you're so messed up i think there's something to be said for the lottery surfer on club i'm glad you guys agree as we were like having.

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