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Rest of us look look like sloshing. You show them on. Who's used to cover these boxes. You know what i sound like. I sound like a guy who's looking out for his teammates. That's what i'm doing over here. This is but he basically said you'd hung out to dry. You're nice what you said. He needed if i go away. We commend here in my pajamas. And do this see so. He's still follow not bulak sense. He's not bothered bothered imposing just repeating to what extent it is actually status politic and tickles plans. To what extent should he feels. I didn't pick the questions. I guarantee you pick questions question. Why quite what did you say. I crocodile tears crocodiles. Yeah what's the question. How to what extent is integral plans a season and to what extent should he be in the plan more. She's the correct answer. More joe look clearly policies and others go right. I called the. They'll have they'll have an idea of what the what the capable of what he thinks it capable of greatly could be the start the season going right if i can get this. This guy say what he's going to be stopped to look to them. It depends how he plays in. Hope is you don't think there's some element of just liking to bring them off the bench like not down to how that's just over the end of the day. It's up to the playoffs to play. That can be lift though right like tim. Verner burner has. What does this mean for the usa assault on the twenty twenty six zero next question No that's on football. America's say as frank Go ahead we didn't mean to lead out. He is just be. Because because i wasn't very interested about your ties discussion because i mean we t-shirts and because the sheets research question is nice. But we don't know what's going to happen to him. I just wanted to let you know because of culture doesn't hurt. You knew postseason is no. The question is from was a fantastic against fainter. Yes most thank you take us. He's he's a very famous painter is that he's dead. He's dead auto owners suggest the raleigh grown. Frank told us he was going to tell us all about culture. He used j. Let me call you up. A little bit. She'll tell you the culture is on the way those of us that don't even stripped and and chun's no my god is that is that is you disrespect politicians on paint a couple roberts on your head on my god. That's an old i. Don't you fill them a couple of roberts on your head late hayes modesto nice. Okay got y'all frank do you think. Ias g. might crumble like the galaxy because of real madrid. Did what means crumble in that way. Like lawrence rumble disintegrate. Disaster fail the point at this point they will. But i guess we've more going towards sexist than crumbled ness. I would say The the team to win everything but a some point you know within like three four years when he's gonna leave maybe in going to leave name ause well and some players going to give up. I guess they're gonna collapse right now next season. i thought i'd morsi sexes than fill ops. Hold on wasn't just a no regale. You were worried about defensive midfielder. Yeah but even though van. Though it's gonna be okay for the league. One and i and i think if you compare to any other teams to win the chen peaks. Somebody's seeing that they might crumble. I don't know how they can travel with the team they have. They might not win the champions league easy considering as a catastrophe. Maybe for the club. Maybe for the fans. I don't know but for me. You all know that only one team can with the champion of courage again. The final of the champ assy. You cannot be a disaster for the club football. America's do i record it. I've given you for you. Want to pay me off gases marine. Actually yeah twice a week. Mondays thursdays korean plus a week. This question a week. Is it ever been week. Seven days to show is the name. Christian pulisic has not brought. I don't know that there's been a show where christian pulisic has brought been brought up. Yeah hey you gotta give the people what they want. You think sports centers out that are not talking about lebron comparing yeah in our space yes. Christian. pulisic is the lebron james of american soccer media. Yeah let me get my head got it. So what's today preview. We will lead the show tomorrow with him. Sinking that penalty and how much it means to win. Take you off overkill and that. Go ahead frank. Be you know you know what you think about a christian research. I think i think he has talented. The all the talent that he needs to be a fantastic player play with somebody was a short is smaller as he is but somebody's strong like zola. I think differentiates police which is to light yesterday. Get stronger yes to work on. The gm es to get stronger compete with the monsters that he faces in defense. Then i'm sure it can become one of the law synthetic player but if he's keeps on being down lights is going to struggle. That's what i think. That's what i wouldn't zola. And all those boys came the london jokes off the game because they saw us. British boys and the jim thome doing what. Sure use of a heater in the gym when you got you to go in there and the gm whittle the was right the window. There was a heater right. Below grey easy setting. Lean on the here especially in the middle of one. Lean on the heater a cup of tea. And what should chaining steak. I was thinking about. Happy ali's di matteo. And all those boys the triangle of and before and then when i went to the celtics and we used to go under the laundry ladies rib and twenty minutes before trading half hour would be on the phone to the kitchen relate. I mean he's been four four boys. It's beacon eneg robes washburn coach. It's called coach culture Stevie which would you prefer to have your team. Messi neymar suarez or.

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