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Former Jimmy Johns of Lexington studios welcome to the equine forum. Darna Burn Obama back along the insight. We'll test these suitable wire affirmed under a left hand. Weapons on the outside driving. Burmna Allahyar hips apart burns got an then Friday. Come closing does Rachel Alexandra simply phileas the US now. Here's Mike Penna. What a way to start your Saturday morning with those race clip looking back on some the top forces we've seen in the sport of thoroughbred racing? Good Morning Welcome to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network all presented by our friends at red brand fence. It's this of course the show that launched this great network and I am Mike. Penner Barron of the backstretch with you. Jimmy Johns of Lexington Broadcast Studios Ready to roll for the next couple of hours a bit of a quieter weekend at least on the well. We'll call it the Derby Prep Front Front There is one derby preps prep race points race for the two year olds left here in two thousand nineteen. That's the springboard mile that takes place tomorrow at Remington. And in case you're wondering yeah edging ever closer to the first Saturday in May one hundred forty days nine hours forty eight minutes. Well check that forty seven minutes and fifty six seconds. How about that closer than I thought to the first Saturday in May and the run for the roses? We'll be there all week long and we'll be there to bring you that coverage of the run for the roses here on the network in partnership with our friends NBC sports. It's in Westwood One. We'll do that again next year for you and it's a huge year coming up here on the network. I'M GONNA. You can go to our website the site soon. You'll see our entire twenty twenty broadcast. We'll have that posted for you But rest assured will be there for all three triple crown races the Breeders Cup so many of the big races in between and so many of the big races leading up to the triple crown in terms of. What's been happening this week? It's been a week where we get to focus on on some of the topics that are pertinent in the sport in the industry. And what I mean by that is that we just saw the University of Arizona his own AH race track industry program their global symposium on racing. Wrap up this past week. I'm GONNA talk to Byron King from the blood horse and just a little bit Byron. was there covering that event for them. There were several topics that were discussed. And one of the ones that we're gonNA talk about all of them but one of the ones that I want to make sure that I touch on with Byron for sure in that interview is it was titled a personal perspective of Racing's past present and Future Hall of Famer Bob Baffert Future Hall of fame trainer. Todd pletcher around the panel Amy Zimmerman moderated the panel and there were some interesting things that came out out of that some interesting perspectives from both Bob and todd in particular their stance on lasix and should lasix Be outlawed or banned in all jurisdictions. Should we not use it all. And I'll talk to Byron about what Bob and todd had to say they about that topic and so many others. The other panel. That was interesting was the panel that was comprised of horse players. It was called listening to the horse racing customer and so often in the sport I think we forget about that customer of ours. The horse player without the two dollar. Better we don't have a sport. This is a a betting game and we don't have a sport without the better. It's that simple. It's a unique element thoroughbred racing in in our industry and there was a panel comprised of several horse players. And I'll talk to Byron about what they had had to say about some of the things that racing can do to make the game better for those of us that bet on it. There was a track surfaces this panel an equine safety reform panel which is obviously a hot button topic in our sport today and rightfully so. So we'll talk to Byron about those topics in and more coming up in our first interview segment right around eight. Fifteen eastern Gulfstream Park has a huge day today somewhat of a Pegasus World Cup preview day. If you will five stakes races four of them are graded. You've got the great to Fort Lauderdale on the turf you've got the gray three Harlan's holiday on the main track. The favourite in there is going to be seven year old war story. He's still here. He's still running seven year old war stories seven to two on the morning. Line in the Harlan's holiday you also Bodey. Express voted expressed the horse. That was runner on her up as a maiden in the Florida Derby last year and also the horse that as a maiden unseeded hall of fame Jockey John Velazquez at the start of the preakness stakes earlier. This season Ron Nick lead is going to be here with me to handicap. Andy Capp all the big races from Gulfstream. Coming up in the second half of the show. It was also announced this week that Charlie Candy and Billy Reed have been named to the National Museum of Racing's Joe Hirsch Media Roll of honour essentially being inducted into the hall of fame on the media side of things and hard to think of two more deserving individuals then Charleston and billy remember. Charlie began in her career. Well she did a lot of other things before she got into the TV broadcasting side and she became a network broadcaster would. CBS Her first broadcast coming with the travers stakes in nineteen seventy seven and then got a chance to work on the triple crown broadcasts and the Breeders Cup broadcasts simply sensational national. She was the one who pioneered doing interviews on horseback. Billie Reed. Billy's a native of Kentucky. And he's probably most remembered for his three eclipse awards and working with the Louisville Courier Journal here in Louisville Kentucky. He also worked at the Herald leader before that people might forget that billy an accomplished turf writer highly accomplished and now we'll get his. Do being inducted into the media roll of honour named in honor of one of the greatest if not degraded Joe Hirsch going to visit with Charleston. Candy coming up right around nine o'clock eastern this morning going to talk to her about that honor. I called her yesterday at her home in North Carolina. And I had a chance to I can tell you. She is beside herself that that she was the one to get the phone. Call for this and I can't wait to visit with her. She is such a wonderful person and should be a great interview. Coming up. Nine o'clock eastern time going to visit with Mike Diaz my good friend from embraced the race. Many of you thinking about what to get that horse racing fan on your list right now. Well I can tell you embrace the race dot com is the place to go and Mike. We'll tell you more about it. And some of the things are offering for Christmas coming up later in the first half of the show and then our industry started the week presented by Stuart Morris also on deck will do that in the second half of the program program today so it's Byron King Eight fifteen. Mike Deane Xerez from embrace the race at eight thirty five Charleston. Candy with me. Nine o'clock eastern Ron Nicoletti handicapping the races at Gulfstream at nine twenty in our industry started the week interview toward the end of the show at nine forty. That segment Sigmund presented by our friend. Stuart Morris our poll question this morning. Here's what I WANNA know. I thought about asking you about industry issues news and I thought about asking about the springboard mile and who you thought was going to win that race. So let's do something a little bit different here this morning so if you go to our twitter feed at H. R. N. on twitter. I want to know quite simply. Where are you listening to the Equine Forum this morning? Where are you tuned in your city your state however you want to answer that question but where are you listening to the Equine Forum on the Saturday morning? Let me know a pass along those results as we move throughout the program here today going to get to a quick break. I'll come back and visit with Byron King talking about the racing symposium and some of those topics that were covered over the couple of days out there in Arizona. This is the forum on H. R. N. All presented by Red Brand fence manufacturing the V. Mesh and had non-client fence. You see on horse farms worldwide..

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