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Town. Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I heart radio app number one for music, radio and podcasts all in one little business. The money news. Pat expect to pay more at the gas pump in the coming days, and part of this may be tied to actual good news about the corona virus pandemic, So let's break it down here. Triple A Colorado says that our average price statewide right now His 2 33 a gallon that puts Colorado about nine cents a gallon cheaper than the national average. And we're paying about 20 cents a gallon less than we were a year ago. So that's great. But triple A says the honeymoon's over and we can expect to see gas prices going up, maybe as soon as this week. Rises tied to a jump in crude oil prices because there's been a clamp put on international production. That's putting upward pressure on gas prices. And with the good news with rollout of covert 19 vaccines look for demand to increase and that will also push gas prices up little later this morning, we'll get a new measure on the economy with the IBD T i P P economic index. February. It hits the front stoop little later this morning forecasters for again and optimism about where the economy is headed. There's a report that online broker Robin Hood's talking with banks about raising a billion dollars in debt so that it can keep fulfilling orders for heavily shorted stocks. Reuters reports The brokerage could be in the market for more money to handle financial pressure from the red. It fueled frenzy in game stop shares. New financing would be on top of $3.4 billion Robin Hood is already secured from investors. Here's an unusual covert casualty beer in Germany. 2.3 billion gallons of beer might sound like a lot, but as an annual total for beer sales in Germany, it's a significant drop. The country's statistics office says Sales were down 5.5% last year. Largest annual fall since at least the early nineties. Lockdowns closed bar's on large events were canceled, including the October fest. The German Brewers Association says breweries are in dire straits. London. Simon Oh, in Fox News. Stock futures air strong after Wall Street got off to a good start for February yesterday. Dallas and P 500 NASDAQ futures all of this morning Dow futures point to an opening bell gain of more than 200 points. All three averages rang up solid big gains yesterday after last week's worst market performance since October. Our next money update is it's 6 42 powdered Keohane news radio. Thanks, Pat 6 14 sports Time with BK, and we knew it was only a matter of time before Cove. It affected the Nuggets game. Berlin Marty just minutes before the numbers were ready to host the Pistons MBA postpone last night's game that ball arena because of contact tracing issues with Detroit. The teams have gone through bringing more mobs. Couple former Nuggets Jeremy granted Mason Plumlee exchanged pleasantries with their former teammates, but the plug was pulled out of an abundance of caution. The Nuggets, now with a few days off, will play Thursday in L. A against LeBron James and defending champion Lakers. For the second straight week, the MBA announced two time All Star Center Coley Yokich was named the league's Western Conference Player of the week. The last nugget to do that Carmelo Anthony 15 years ago in 2006, Iraqis trade of Future Hall of Famer Nolan, Our daughter became official yesterday. In addition to the five time All Star in eight time, Gold Glover. The Rockies will also pay $35 million Barnato salary this season. And give another 15 million or so to ST Louis as well. The cards are sending back five prospects. Pitcher Austin Gum Burns, the only one with major league experience. Infielder Matteo Gil. Father Benjie play in the bigs of the third round pick in 2018, Rocky's owner, Dick Monfort and general manager Jeff Right. If you're scheduled to meet the media 10 a.m. today and you'll be able to hear some of their comments live on Logan and Lewis. Yesterday. It was the role media night but because we covered 19. It was held during the day and took place entirely over Zoom chief quarterback Patrick Homes in one player. He'll be keeping an eye out for former Bronco and CSU, outside linebacker for the Bucks Shack. Barrett, who led the NFL in sacks a year ago. Yeah, I mean, he's right up there at the time. I'm getting the Tampa Bay just really shown how talented he was, and he's getting more opportunities. On. He's another guy on his defense that you got the you got to know where he's at every single time. I mean, last time planning the strip factory, so I gotta make sure I know where he's out of his every play any other and return home today to play there. Third of four in a row against Minnesota Puck drop 6 30 from ball Arena that sports and bringing Chris stolen can win his radio from the Broncos bumps and Rockies here we knew pretty good time. 6 16 Our top stories on Colorado's morning news covered 19 vaccinations for Phase one B for Colorado's rollout. Could be Guinness.

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