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We Are Presented by online dot ag as I, said earlier, and I'd like to welcome in Celtic. Krishna Kartik great to have you with me some massive new since we last spoke Kartik regarding the US women's national team, losing the main tiller of their lawsuit against US soccer that of equal pay the appeals judge. the judge in the case of grunting us. Soccer summary Judgment against the women basically agreeing with us soccer in fact, US women have been paid more than the men. And therefore women's joined the time period that the women were alleging, and therefore the case was essentially thrown out. What are your thoughts on this cardiac? Yeah? was disappointed by the ruling because I think that. The subsidy to NWS Oursel-, in subsidized salaries to NWF cell is how the judge viewed. The equal pay dispute or saying hey, the women's national team players have been effectively paid more by US soccer because us. Soccer has directly put money into NWF sell to subsidize women's national team. Salaries of this goes back to the collective bargaining agreement. The women signed so I guess legally on a technicality. Yeah, maybe the the the the case was ruled correctly. I, think it violates the spirit of the fight. The spirit of what's been going on, and I have to once again bring up soccer united marketing because. The end, of USO a lot of the defenders of us soccer, and even in the wake of the judgment. The the MLS fan boy for lack of a better term I I I can't find a better term than that's us. That's what they are. were pointing to well us. Soccer subsidizes WFL, so they make more money. They don't do this favor for the men's game. Really we've been through it on this show time and again nick how the money is being generated by. The women and Mashal Team for that matter. In media rights it. Marketing Rights is going directly into the coffers of major league soccer via soccer united marketing via a no big contract. This no-bid agreement they have with. Soccer so again. I guess if you don't have factor in soccer united marketing. Okay, maybe in theory than women have been paid more, but you cannot escape that issue, and it is so frustrating. IC because that issue seems to be taken off the table and I guess us. Soccer had clever lawyers. Although again there are lawyers a very badge from public relations standpoint. That's why nobody was happy with this ruling outside of that small cadre molest Fan, boys again They've done a terrible job in the PR on the PR side. Maybe legally. They had a tight argument, but then. I would urge the court and urged the women to talk once again about soccer united marketing, because once you factor in all the money that's going into the men's games directly from the work of the men's and women's national team, going men's professional Yousufi not into the men's game per se, but into the into immense professionally there is no question. The US women are getting screwed, and quite honestly so we're the US man. Yeah it's an interesting issue. I mean look the point of the judge made was that the women wanted this contract as part of their collective collective bargaining agreement that there were portions parts of this women's contract that would not contained in the men's contract in other words, health benefits, maternity benefits a whole bunch of other things that was specifically asked for by the women. And I think the judge, basically saying look, you need to go back to the negotiating table, and if that's the contract, you want the same as the men. That's what you should negotiate for and I do sort of see his point, but on the other hand I sort of. Don't see his point because I think. If you look at this some issue, which of course they did not look at Caltech. Your own if if you carve out some issue from this. From this lawsuit, you're only seeing half the picture Kartik and of course. You and I have discussed on this show many times the fact that we believe very strongly that the US women's national team is in fact, the primary revenue driver for us soccer far away beyond that of us men's national team who success on the pitch has been so limited as of late. Yeah this is precisely the point and I and I think. The court the judge actually found that the US women had generated more revenue madness, as we had argued on this show for for for quite some time that revenue. Is then being lobbed off and again the revenue lesser revenue, but still revenue generated by the US men being lobbed off, and being put in a men's professional first division, and that money doesn't trickle down to grassroots football. It doesn't trickle down to the second and third division. It sits for me for the consumption of major league soccer and major league soccer's owners, I do not understand I get from a legal perspective in a courtroom. You can link the arguments, but I do not understand from a public relations standpoint from a public. Public Debate standpoint how soccer united marketing argument and the discussions about soccer united marketings role in us. Soccer are not directly part of this discussion of equal pay and and women's national team. It is the same issue is part and parcel of the same issue. This nonsensical approach from again I don't know what other terms use fan voice to de emphasize this, and to pretend like the soccer united marketing issue is you do not exist in or not linked is very disingenuous and is creating I. think a false narrative out there. Yeah, I think it is to copy. Of course we'll see what happens next. The women are going to be appealing this this summary Judgment. Whether or not they win my my feeling is that they probably won't win and I'll have caldwell on the show you and I can bring it on and talk to him again from Fox Rothschild. We can talk about this lawsuit with Bob, but you know it seems to me that the judge's ruling was was fairly well thought out. I'm was founded on fact, think just an issue of perception of course while the US while you may have won the lawsuit. They're still a trial to be had in terms of equal facilities, travel and other such issues, although my understanding is those of already been negotiated anyway. While you are, CELCOM might have one the loss. They've certainly lost the PR battle Celtic. Yeah I. Think People were angry. They were shocked. Were dismayed by this ruling I I think a lot of it is not just about the women, but it's about us soccer as an institution US soccer as a governing body us soccer as someone who has lost. An entity that has completely lost a public trust, and who, instead of pivoting into a a a more moderate position..

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