Principality Stadium, Britain, Ritchie discussed on 5 live Boxing with Costello


As they were building the furniture in the center of the the pitch of the principality stadium a couple of days before the fight how britain leads the world in boxing it might be the only sport where britain does lead the world in that way certainly the the big mainstream sports but i get the sense that him that will be h that will be there forever until he suddenly does something about it the whole america thing where it's wilder on all that is very much up for dispute the softening well wasn't we've you a couple of hours about five or six o'clock that's because she would which would it was down here and we went to a couple of functions down and spoke to some people having did as paul tickets for the fun now what's interesting is the three different hotels they rule loot and there was a couple of tv or big tv screens play and as we sat there ritchie and i half an hour before we were getting out several chat with upon this question announces the film that was that was being played with was lucile tie's too big cuban against the only walder now there was no sound on it when you watch it a gain without commentary and without knowing result wow that looks like he's actually stopped at the end of one round they you know he's not stop because he stops all tees to a free rounds later but watching it in silence mike and watching it though you very first time you would not have complained now sometimes when we look at the deal in t waldo we know he's got this great record and we know that these people are hard to deal with but what we don't ever talk about over we haven't really we haven't really done it justice is the fact last time out he came within a second or one punch of losing of losing a second or one punch of losing now women actually adds or detracts from the negotiating table when eddie hearn gets to america which is where this conversation style.

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