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Two thousand dollars sounds pretty. Well it depends on where he lives. Where does where does he live. This is a couple hours north of new york city. I believe and says okay. He said on instagram that he and his family have decided to move out of their home after pictures of the home shared by the new york. Post how's that feel. That's a good question because he and this is the kind of stuff he's done to people over and over and over and over now he's done now it's been done to him and there and it's not fair when he says not fair today. I've had to make a heartbreaking decision. He said after a combination of fox news the new york post and other outlets posted pictures of my home across the internet. We've seen our address. Posted all over. The internet strangers have already started coming by the house. My kids can't even go outside and play during the final months of summer break. So we're moving on july thirty first new york post shared images of his home saying he lived like a one percenter in a sprawling. Lakefront home According to public records kings Home has five bedrooms sits on farrington lake it features a gourmet kitchens surrounded by lush stories that he moved from new york city where he shared a two bedroom apartment with his wife and kids. Now he's been prominent in the black lives movement. You how to get all that money to buy that nice house. I wonder how because he was prominent in the black lives movement. And i'm not saying that. Some of the funds he diverted to himself. I would never say that. No no no you would never say. I would never say that it's just been reported. Yeah is what you're saying. By the way he's white. I'm sorry he's a he's a white guy. These shaun king. Yes sean king is. White is is a white boy. He's a casper. He's a cracker. Samaria rice the mother of tamir rice. Who was twelve. When he was gunned down by cleveland police officer in two thousand fourteen has accused king profiting from her son's death by collecting funds without her permission. Personally i don't understand how you sleep at night she wrote. I never gave you permission to raise nothing. She said Interesting who was from a podcast called the breakdown with shaun king. She added as a white man acting blasio. No what how dare you do. You know he identifies as black. Oh means of course he is black as a white man acting black urine imposter and cannot be trusted. You're a self-centered selfish person in god will deal with you white man. Yeah that is good stuff. So but he's gonna move really sad. I you know. I was trying to squeeze out a tear a minute ago. I guess my tear ducts have dried up. I don't know what's going on there. Twenty twenty one will do that too. Yeah but will he be going to University of wisconsin. Anytime soon shaun king. Because there's something really really terrible of where terrible thing is going rock there than a hundred years ago. They used the no. Don't say iraq zero racist rock. Campus of the university of wisconsin had a terrible terrible Name that they would refer to at the students. They're streaming rock. It's the chamberlain rocket object. That had become a painful symbol of racism to generations of students and the moved it jewish site off campus. So it's a it's a dark rock so they called it inward ahead rack. Which is so stupid and juvenile racist. But i doubt anyone's calling it that today and it's not written on it anywhere and it doesn't say anything about the rotten on the rock again. Move it because somebody called it that one hundred years ago that is lunacy. We have to deal with. How can it have gotten so seventy ton blender dickey's seventy tonnes. Oh my gosh. Wow what. I'm finding now. I don't know how much it costs to move. Oh a lot you don't just pick up seventy and put it in the back of a on. You don't go down the hall. Can i can i this day truck here. You don't fifty thousand dollars i bet. Yeah at least. The wisconsin black student union in partnership with the native american student organization. Wonk chic. i'm sorry. Wonk led an effort to remove the rock from campus u. dub madison's main campus is an ancestral whole chunk land. Wow i didn't know it was on ho-chunk ho chunk. Yeah if it's on ho chunk. Get a discount of corner for coach on no What what. Wait a minute So they moved the rock or are they going to have to remove a river in a tree next Is that is that coming up here. My angelou To help us out with with that. process i hope iraq We have a tree right. Thank you thank you Rock a river a tree. Our world sucks pretty. Messed up right now. I think we'd all agree on that right. I think we're i think we're in agreement. As we end the show were all in agreement. Common ground beings are just a little messed up right number gonna fix it all tomorrow so yeah fixing it just whole things so twice another words if people tuned in twenty two hours. Now you'll find out the solution to everything that's incentive to come back here all right. Am i right. Yeah we can answers tomorrow gotta tobacco right all right so we'll see you then. All the answers pat gray.

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