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Right now slated to make more in 2022 than the Orioles, the pirates or the guardians, entire roster. How much money Max Scherzer is making? Okay, let's talk about the Texas Rangers in two days they committed more money and salary than they had the previous four seasons combined. What about the rangers adding Marcus Simeon and Corey Seager? Well, they might now have the best middle infield in baseball. Marcus Simeon had a tremendous year and that's two out of the last three. He's been a great player a tremendous Clubhouse guy and remarkable that how well he moved to second base last year when that is not an easy transition. Corey Seeger is still a terrific player. But let's keep in mind the rangers won 60 games last year. They got outscored by a 190 runs and I had a talent of evaluator tell me that other than a Dolly Garcia, they really don't have an everyday player on their team that can play on a maybe even an above 500 team. That's how he described the rangers offense, how short they were on position players. Well, they added two really good ones. Guys who are going to be there for a long time, they're going to stabilize and defensively and offensively and adding John grey to that rotation. Now they have to address their pitching, but for the rangers a tremendous first move. And if they can go from 60 wins to 75 with those three editions and others, that's a pretty big jump. In my like what the angels are trying to do this winter and that is the threat and needle on one hand up grade the pitching staff. You know, that's entirely their focus. And at the same time, not necessarily get locked into huge long-term contracts because at some point they're going to have to pay shohei Otani. What do you think of the angels? Well, I like what they've tried to do here. They got their clothes, raised yellow glaciers, which I think they had to do. They added Noah synagogue. We don't know what he's going to be like, given his health, but he's certainly worth a try at 21 million for one year. I think they have a chance to get better. I still don't think they're that far away if Otani has that year trout comes back and is the best player in baseball. Rendon comes back and is a 100% healthy. I think this team has a chance to be much better than last year, but they have to add another starting pitcher and maybe two, because what they've added so far just isn't enough. The Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays to me very interesting off seasons. The Mariners signed Robbie ray. American League sayong award winner, the Blue Jays signed Kevin gossman away from the San Francisco Giants, gossman had a big step forward last year. I know the Giants didn't make a strong attempt to keep him in part because they were concerned about his second half. Give me some thoughts and Mariners and Blue Jays. Well, I like where the Mariners finished last year as we know. They almost made the playoffs. They've done some interesting things and starting with Robbie ray. I mean, he has to be, if they're gonna make the playoffs, Robbie ray has to be something close to the say young winner that he was in 2021. So just that move alone, I think gives them some real versatility in that rotation and Adam Frazier gives him another offensive player at second base, which they needed also. I could see them making the next step next year and making the playoffs with the moves that they made. As for the Blue Jays, I mean, those are those for big losses. You lose the Cy Young winner like that. You lose Marcus Simeon. Those are big losses. But they filled in with some interesting people. They have that great young base coming back, and I still like with a Blue Jays are, I could see them be at a playoff team next year also, if, of course, there are 7 playoff teams instead of 5. I had a conversation with a baseball executive yesterday in which I said, you know, a team that I kind of like what they're doing, the Marlins, they go out and trade for Joey Wendell. They trade for Jacob stallings to be their catcher. You know, to help that young pitching staff, they sign Abby sailed Garcia. You can make an argument that maybe they paid above market for him. But you know what, Tim, they have potentially a great rotation. They got a little bit better on defense and they got a little bit better on offense. What do you think? Yeah, I think they got more than a little better on defense. Joey Wendell is a well above average defensive third baseman or wherever you put him. Jacob stallings want a gold glove. And obviously Darcy is a pretty darn good right Fielder and he was arguably the best offensive player on the brewers last year, even though the brewers didn't hit much in the postseason. Plus, with that young rotation, they signed sandy Alcantara long-term. I really liked what the Marlins did also. I'm not suggesting their better than the mets or the braves or maybe even the Phillies, but they needed some significant work done with that team after last year, and they got it done. All right. Some teams that are relatively inactive, when you compare it to market size, the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Dodgers, the Phillies, the Giants, and I'm not saying, these are the reasons that this is justified, but I do think that and I know this from conversations with executives. But part of the thinking of those teams who have all flirted with the competitive balance tax threshold in recent years and sometimes moved up on over it and sometimes gone below it is that they want to know what the rules of the next CBA are actually going to be. It's pretty clear Steve Cohen just plowed through and he's like, you know what? I'm going to spend this money. I'm going to have a huge payroll and if they're taxes, that's fine, I'll deal with that. Whereas I think from what I understand, some of the other teams are like, you know what? We want to know what the rules are and Tim, as I talked about with Paul and bikinis, if you're a team that has some financial flexibility after this labor stoppage is over, you could potentially do some damage because it's going to be a scramble with a lot of the middle class players taking big hits and salaries. So I don't know if it was the right thing for the Yankees to do. They need a shortstop, but that's I think the justification in part for what they're thinking. Yeah, and I certainly understand that. Now, I think if you're a Yankee fan, you want your shortstop wrapped up before you get to December the first and that did not happen, but I'm with you on this buster. Those are payroll, flexibility teams, those big market clubs that can do pretty much whatever they want when this market open opens back up again, which again, we're not sure when that's going to be. Dodgers can pretty much do whatever they want because of their money, but they still have a very good team. The Yankees have some work to do. I fully expect them to do it once they understand what the rules are, and they can not get out of this off season without getting a premiere shortstop one way or another. And the Red Sox didn't do much. I'm still not sure I understand the hunter Renfro move. He was an excellent defensive player last year and had a pretty darn good offensive season also. But again, they have the flexibility to say we can wait where others couldn't. So I'm not going to let you get completely unscathed from the labor situation. I got one question for you. Could you have like I have the perspective of time having covered multiple labor situations and leadership groups on both sides, my belief is is that the working relationship between the two sides is the worst that I've ever seen. The lack of collaboration, the lack of the dialog. That's my perception. What about you? Well, I covered the 81 strike buster. And again, I was like 12 years old..

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