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Upper midwest american indian center did two things hennepin county. Hadn't i they helped robin apply for a foster license robbins. Old convictions had already been expunged. But because of a clerical error one still popped up upper midwest made a few phone calls ironed it out and once all the paperwork got turned on. Robin was approved and second. They shared at that important detail with robbins tribe. The detail was robin. Dutt form letter. Hennepin county sent to white earth. Didn't mention that. A white earth citizen was seeking custody of her grandchild. That was an illegal on hennepin. County's part they just did the bare minimum. Once worth learned that one of their citizens was fighting to keep her grandchild. They intervened and that's when everything changed. That's because now pipers case was an equa case. Great who's the best thing that ever happened. New social workers were assigned to the case social workers trained equa and suddenly the same cownie that had been fighting robin for years started supporting her wider th nation hennepin county and robin all agreed that robin should adopt piper. But danielle and jason clifford did not they sued hennepin county and robbins adoption of piper was put on hold. I knew she was with the clifford's they had her for a year and a half and they were biton. The equa in they went. Stop in the fight. Got ugly more.

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