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How are we feeling about Thai Harris on this team? How are we feeling about still hope? Chelsea Dungey on this team. What about Bella, Charlie, a walk? You know, what are the future with some of these players? And I don't know if those, I don't know if we have the answer to those right now. You know, part of me feels like those questions are going to be answered a little bit later. You know, a year from now. Oh, totally. I mean, I would have to assume that Louisa and Dungey are the two players that you move on from. If you had. But realistically that frees up like one 30 plus your 15 in cap space so you're like, and that's for one roster spot. So yeah, maybe you can bring in one person if you make those moves, but I agree with you. I think you gotta stick with it. And if I saw anything and maybe I'm reading in too much to what we saw last year, but it seemed like they didn't even know, right? They didn't know what the ranking of these young prospects was based on minutes. And obviously injuries impact that and blow away games by mabry impacted that and the connection of mabry Enrique definitely impacted that. But at the end of the day, you know, they have a lot of depth and I think the easiest thing to do is to say satu Enrique are stays, right? Alicia gray, as long as she's willing to say, is a stay. And if you believe it that way, then when I say is, your focus has to be on the other positions. Right? You don't need to have three people behind those people. You don't need to have insane depth behind, you know, your stars. So you need to start thinking about who can we drop. Now, I completely agree with you, Rachel. They just need to say we're running with this roster, and we're going to see how we can grow, because like you said, nobody is calling this team a contender. I would be shocked. This is said, I know they call me hater Ye, but this is, I mean this was all love. You're not winning a finals with mo Jeff Izzy Harrison and satus three seasons four seasons into the season. So that's just not happening in my opinion unless they do a crazy run like we saw from Chicago this past season. So it's a team that's stuck. Yeah, well, I mean, yeah, could we see, you know, some shatter shifts and the signing of maybe a veteran? I don't even know what position that could be. I mean, really, anyone, just if you really felt like this team needed a veteran presence that could come in and fit in, I don't know if that's the correct move, but look at the cap space for this year just over $15,000 AKA nothing compared to next year. You're looking at close to $600,000, and mo Jefferson's unrestricted free agent. I really think it's going to be difficult to move her this year with a contract at one 80. It just seems a little more likely to me that we'll see more aggressive moves a year from now. And by that point, this ownership, this franchise will have a better understanding of where the future lies with some of these younger players. Yeah, I agree. I mean, here's my thing that I'll say, yes, it's a question of what position would they even want? I'm going big. I'm going like a true center that can teach a walk in Charlie. Sorry is the Izzy's great, but in my mind, if you're a championship contender team, Izzy's your backup. And I don't mean that in a bad way, but that's just the way I view it. I mean, just looking at this, if they could get a silvia files, this team isn't a contender. Sylvia, Mercedes Russell. Tina Charles. Tina Charles would be ridiculous and honestly fun to watch. If they could somehow get a Liz cam beige back in there. I mean, there's no. But those are like, I'm talking about heck, even a Stephanie dulce in there. There's plate like a real center who has established that they can be a down low presence. Now I know Steph dolson wants to be more than just that, but that's what I think this team should be looking for. You have to move one of those protect and veteran contracts and drop probably at least one or two. Well, or no, realistically you would drop Izzy Harrison so that a walk in Charlie can split those back up minutes and then you'd also drop a Dungey, right? So then but realistically also, you're not gonna be able to move as the Harrison unless you find a team who's willing to pay one 60 for a backup center. So I mean, their hands are tied and that's why I think the ultimate play when you come down to it is don't I think many teams can make this mistake of rushing to make a move for the sake of making a move as opposed to waiting until the time is right for the team to make a move. Yeah. That's my final thoughts for the Dallas wings what about you? No, I mean, I think this team is on the right trajectory. If you look at it as kind of a, for what, for what took place, the last few years with this team and we've been talking about youth for so long, like I want to gouge my eyes out, but they're on the right trajectory trajectory if that's truly what you're willing to live and die bys. This is what we're going to do. And if you did want to make a veteran move, yeah, maybe you play the field a little bit and see if you can get something done this year, but if you don't, I don't think it's the end of the world. I think you're more likely to get what you want and have a better understanding of this roster next year in 2023..

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