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Visit bay alarm dot com to get protected. Today, Building High pressure is the story, with temperatures climbing this week. Tonight is a pleasantly cool and temperatures tomorrow morning or in the upper fifties and lower sixties, But our Orange County beaches have Ah, hi recurrent risk through Wednesday. Riverside heats up to 95 degrees tomorrow and is expected to climb to 106 Friday and Saturday. Anthony Honest NBC for really local live from the KO Phi 24 hour news room. I'm deaf remark. From the University of Kentucky told US or Roberts University to troll University in Alabama starting this week, it's moving day at dozens of college campuses nationwide. California officials say the promise with the state's computer system that tracks covert 19 cases has been solved, and they expect to see a surge in infection numbers in cities like Pasadena. Unfortunately, the Innovations in diagnostics Therapeutics. Vaccines will get us largely out of this by the end of 2021 Corona virus. Shut down day 145. That's great! Johnny Kensho John Cho belt, Ken Shampoo. Oh, caf! I am 6 40 Live everywhere in the I. Heart radio have welcome. Welcome and again. Newsome came out around noon and said he doesn't think actually, though, that this backlog of data that was had to be processed by the state's collection system is going to affect the trend in the state of California, which has been a downward arc slightly. For the number of cases on the positivity right? He doesn't think so. No, it's 300,000.

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