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To a debate on the dreamers and immigration on china gave a spectrum of other people's time ourselves chinese respectful of the challenge that we face and the need for us to find a solution which is clear insight for our dreamers alozie joe standard talk of bond within the past hour president trump took to twitter to voice his support for a bipartisan twoyear budget being offered by senate leadership just the day before president trump said he'd quote love to see us shut down if there was no agreement on immigration i would shut it out over this issue if we are straight out of order a country banal after the senate unveiled a bipartisan budget plan that does not include immigration white house press secretary sarah sanders says they support the deal a physician hasn't changed the only people that have shut the government down or the democrats senate says they will hold an open debate on immigration after this spending agreement passes on his accuracy news capitol hill oklahoma republican senator james langford joined a group of faith leaders calling on congress to take immediate action to protect the dreamers i don't see this as amesty are see this is a an opportunity for these individuals i've literally grown up in our country to be able to be full participants in our country a federal judge in boise rule that the energy department does not have to provide details about propose shipments of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel rods two the nations top nuclear research lab in idaho oregon republican state senator jeff crews accused of groping women is defying calls to resign after telling investigators as behaviors instincts ewell his word and hard to change wall street the dow closed down nineteen point the nasdaq lost 64 you're listening to abc news more americans turn versed in the morning distort their day go on tell them robin done warning america your good morning america lira good morning america so they give them robin cut so good in your.

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