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A medical procedure? Do you know that? We used to use that in the emergency room when people would come in with what we call superventricular tachycardia which is where their heart's beating like a mile a minute. And then there's a bunch of different techniques to actually fix it like valsalva maneuver which is squatting and holding your breath and all kinds of techniques. But one of the techniques is dunk the patient's face in ice cold water. Which doesn't make you very popular, but it works. It totally does work. And it's arguably less painful than a cold shower. Most of us are willing to do that. I actually like cold showers. I do too now. You go, huh, at the first second and then it's like, oh, this is not so bad. That's because three days of cold exposure in studies changes the ratio of fats in the mitochondrial membrane which makes you suddenly now able to handle the cold. But the first three days are miserable and after that it's okay. So you're basically talking about getting minerals to get energy. We're talking about energy and ATP. You're talking about light therapy. You're talking about having the right vitamins. A, E, K, D. VitaminDake .com. Whatever. And then you're talking about It's a new vitamin, Mark. Don't confuse people. And then minerals. And then the right kind of light. Seems like quite a cocktail. And then cold therapy. It is quite a cocktail. In fact, you could drive all over town trying to get it. Or you go to one place to do it. Or you can set it up in your living room. Everything in here. There's a free version. There's a cheap at home version. And there's the crazy billionaire version. The crazy billionaire version proves that it works beyond a doubt. And it's the most effective. It's also the thing that either crazy billionaires have in their living room. Or you're going to go to a place and do it. But it proves that it works. And then, okay, now we know slope of the curve biology. How do you do it at home? So we had all the different things for cardio. Or all the different things for strength. The different things for cardio. And then we talk about getting your energy back. Cold therapy is a really good one. Getting enough minerals in your body is relatively easy to do. You cannot make ATP without magnesium. So you're talking about five minerals. What are the five minerals? Molybdenum is one of them. Well, there's macrominerals, which you need. Right. So the macrominerals are sodium. Most people are sodium deficient. If they're following the low sodium recommendations from the government. Because they're set so low that if you do that, it raises something in the blood called renin. And renin increases cardiovascular risk. So enough salt to taste. And enough potassium, which is the one that we're talking about. If you have sodium and potassium, you have enough. And I go into potassium in the book. You're not going to have high blood pressure. Lack of potassium is a major problem. Then you need calcium and magnesium. Most people get enough calcium. And too much is bad. But that may not be true for you. But it's true for most people. And almost everyone's magnesium deficient. And then you don't have to worry so much about phosphorus because it's in food. It's less of an issue for most people. Those are the macrominerals. And the trace minerals, we have things like copper, zinc, molybdenum, and things like that. And then ultra -trace minerals, which are present in glacial water, in blue zones areas, in high mineral, even in mineral water. So what I do for that is you can take trace mineral supplements. You can get drops. You put in water. Danger Coffee, my new coffee brand, is different because it has electrolytes and trace minerals in the coffee. So you get a high dose of minerals every time you drink your coffee. Because you add it? Or because it naturally occurs in there? It's added. Wait, wait. It's upgraded coffee. Oh my god. Who would have thought? DangerCoffee .com is where you find that stuff. And I do it because different minerals, for instance, if you were to get corn flakes, they put iron filings in them to raise the iron level. But metallic iron is really bad for you. So ionic form minerals and electrolytes are really good for you. And that's if you're going to drink coffee every morning, you might as well just get your minerals that way. You still need to take mineral capsules. It takes about three capsules to get enough minerals to matter for the macrominerals. So look, before I would I formulated Neutropics. Can you take a multivitamin and mineral? Would it have everything in there? No, because none of them just minerals take three full size pills. And very few people want to take more than three pills. So then the vitamin companies say, well, I'm going to make it three a day. But they try to put all the stuff in there that you'd want. You can't do it. And it's lower levels than you need. It's lower levels than you need. So you're better off before you take a multivitamin to take a multi -mineral. It's that important because nothing works without minerals. Your body can make almost anything it needs if it has the minerals and it has the energy. And so these are not sexy. They're not exciting. They're almost boring. But they're the things that matter most, and they're cheap. So Vitamin Dake is about 20 bucks a month. It's affordable and it's just it's not a nootropic. It's not a libido enhancing formula. It's not high energy, adaptogenic mushroom shred or whatever the latest thing is. They're just foundational. And if you don't do that, don't spend money on the other stuff. OK, so we got energy. Any other tips for energy? The other one that helps is detoxing. That's a part of that. So one of the things we have is a clinically proven lymphatic drainage system that you lay in. Those are the boots or those hyper ice kind of things? It's like the boots. The problem is many of the boots on the market don't work at all because they aren't actually based on a lymphatic flow. They just apply pressure. If you get a massage mark if you get a lymphatic massage it's going to feel like someone's petting you. It's not really a massage. They're just sweeping you kind of. That's how soft the pressure has to be for lymph drainage to work. When you're like you and I where with toxic mold your lymphatic system gets backed up. You have muffin top. We have people come in. They'll lose a dress size easily in one session because there's so much backed up lymph. And if you just squeeze or you do like a Swedish massage firm pressure doesn't work. So you have to very carefully control the waves of pressure to do it. But when we get lymphatic flow to happen again, that also really affects things. And that's a detox thing. For sure because most of our lymphatic circulation is sluggish. Our diet makes it sluggish. Our lack of exercise makes it sluggish. The other thing that we'll do is whole body vibration. What is that? This is something I've recommended. People have made fun of me for years for it but now it's becoming cool. You stand on a platform that vibrates. And they figured out this works well enough for astronauts to recover. It restores bone density. And the reason it works is it's moving the lymph in the body. It's also shaking all of your tissues which wakes up your mitochondria via something called piezoelectricity. That's a big word. It sure is. Piezoelectricity basically means that when your cell membranes flex that they're making small electrical charges. So you stand on this thing for five minutes and you kind of wiggle around a little bit. And everything in the body loosens up. It's like a babation plate. Yeah, that's what it is. And now you're starting to see those, definitely have them in upgrade labs, you're starting to see those at a lot of health clubs. And if you go back to probably our parents or grandparents time, health clubs used to have these machines with like a belt that would vibrate your organs. It turns out those actually were good for you. They just looked stupid. That's funny. Well, you know, there's a machine, I can't remember the name of it, but it was this incredible, it was like a recliner chair with all these like vibrational speakers built into it and heads set and you land and it's like totally resets your nervous system. It's quite amazing. This is something that I talk about in the brain chapter. And actually and in the stress chapter. It turns out those proprioceptors that we mentioned earlier, they're looking for touch. So there's a system called HUSO. And HUSO you put on headphones and they have a little like a tiny speaker, it's called a transducer that you put on your wrists and your ankles and you lay in bed and listen to the headphones and by going to your acupuncture points or acupressure points and playing the same sound you hear, you go into these incredible altered states. There's Dave Rubin's company Apollo that has a vibrating thing you wear on your wrist or your ankle that also changes vagal tone. These are stress reducers. This is for the relief anxiety chapter. And then it goes on and on. There's another one that goes over your chest. These are small signals that change your stress response. So you're chilled. Remember when you can. Sensei, Apollo. That's what I'm thinking of. So when you can turn on your chill factor faster you put on muscle faster. You build cardio faster. You build new neurons faster. When you can turn on calm. Okay. Just for people listening why that happens is because cortisol destroys your brain, destroys your muscles. And when you lower that you can actually Unless

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