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But I have to say that if I had to do a TV show or a movie where I had to make out of the car, like Gary Oldman and prick up your ears you ever seen. Yeah. Well, he's, he is pub- slapping with. Look at so so bring bring this up, Jim, not unique, so well, they say they sent you ledger that's look to see that guy right there, so that's okay. See that guy. That's Alfred Molina an amazing actor, not the most attractive guy they make out so hard. They just really Daniel day Lewis in my beautiful laundrette you just say, fuck it and go for it, right? You do not that caliber of actor. I'm not trying to pan to Brian six months, valued some sea level offers. You're just. Yeah, I mean, yeah, but but they are in love Gary Oldman day. Would you rather do that or softcore porn. Like in a move, you don't like the girls know the dude, but there's no making out you just gotta. Pretend he's relying instead. I could. I could try way fast really make out. Day. Lewis does some fuck and kissing and my beautiful Launderette and it's a movie in the first year, like I was with my friend who, and he's kind of like tough guy and we're watching this, this movie, and all of a sudden Dana turns around and walks toward the guy, and they started making out of my buddy goes. Hey. This is the eighties. We didn't know he goes, hey, what the. He. No, we're watching it. He goes, he goes, I just heard me. Gotcha. Running in, they start kissing him. My money goes wait. Wait, what? What? Why did they tell me? Tell me this. You wanna watch this. He was. So he felt duped that they snuck it in him. He gets weighed what they're saying. Brokeback Mary up my beautiful leg rice ledger, kissing scene, they're saying like Keith ledger and other homeboy in that movies when my favorite actors. Jay Jilin high. He's so they said they offered to a lot of a lot of other people wanted like they offer the role and they turned it down. I believe he can kiss with the dudes. Yeah, you gotta. You gotta be too in love. I don't for me. How. I'm not into it. Go ahead and give me the give. I guarantee you. I can't say the YouTube. If they came up Tuesday US, we want to cash is the lead role in the new joker movie, but you gotta make out with the Ridler like hardcore. You'd like, how am I? Where? Where do I sign? Where's the dotted line? Where's the fucking dotted line? Listen, we want me the new joker. You're the headline. I Wonder wonder what you what got. you got suck off the Ridler this scene. So we're watching this movie and it's so far it's kind of normal. We're like, what the fuck is gone turns up. Vicks because they like toilets. This could be a Ritz doomed Rex. Dan Lewis. Racists biggest of weeks. Oh yes. What. Wait, what's he doing. Fuck. Then back by the way, how how times have changed back then in nineteen sixty three when I was watching this shit. That was like, we were like, what is a movie with guys. Interesting. Br transit times, have changed times of chance. She and what did you do this weekend? Do three times of change. So I get my hair pills. Dude, I got dick proms. You got here, bro problems, cams,.

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