Oliver North, FDR, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt discussed on War Stories w/ Oliver North


In this special holiday podcast come along with us for an insider's tour of the stork uso the united service organizations i'm oliver north and i'm inviting you to accompany our awardwinning war stories documentary team as we traveled from hollywood to washington dc then all the way to a visit with our troops in iraq you'll hear stories from great u s o entertainers who been traveling to every climb in place providing service and smiles were ever us troops are deployed since 1941 come along as i talk with hollywood icons and musical legend's mickey rooney johnny grant county stevens and margaret wayne newton and bo derek here all of them and bob hope son tony share their hearts about what it's like to perform in steamy south pacific islands during world war two to the jungles of vietnam to outpost all over the world today my good friend actor gary sinise and his lieutenant dan ban and where u s o headliners in iraq if you your fired up by what he told me about his motivation to serve our troops you may need an inspirational transplant and if you think the entertainment industry is full of folks living soft listened the record joan jett tell of her dedication to performing for the troops in places that aren't cushy in her words and for all eu history bus listen to how the u s o was formed in february 1941 ten months before pearl harbor at the request of president franklin delano roosevelt he had the foresight to know are rapidly growing military needed wholesome morale building entertainment and activities for offduty hours as bases were springing up all over the us you may be surprised to learn that fdr convinced six organizations the salvation army the ymca ywca catholic community services travelers aid and the jewish welfare board to band together as the uso.

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