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My Dad always got me something like a stuffed animal. So you're GonNa have is like twenty two. He's still got me giant Teddy bears. My Dad does the same thing like when you said the message about the flowers. My Dad gets flowers for my sister. So you're big big gallon tines then bay gallon tines Gal. Did you do Valentine's this year? No Okay Gotcha. Also kind of Balentine. That'd be a workout. Yeah can you tell our listeners out there because we do have a lot of Women who are listening to this. I think at least if we have any listeners. Most out there. Can you tell them what you think? A good a good gallon tines day is like what are you celebrate? Your Valentine's specifically my best one is me and my best friend into Mexican restaurant and got Margaritas in like split Tacos and Nachos them into a movie afterwards but we it was when I was in college and so this Mexican restaurant was the only one in the town in ever else. There was on a day. So all of the waiters in any old man that was in there felt so bad for us we ended up with like vases of flowers on our table and just got drunk on markets and yeah undersea It was one of the fifty shades of grey ones. They loved him out with those on Valentine's Day. It sounds like the simple sometimes. The simplest ones are always the best ones right. Like you've probably never would have thought that go into a Mexican restaurant with your best friend was going to turn into like a fantastic memo that you can have for the rest of your life exactly. Yeah I want to ask you about. How long have you been mandating now? We were talking about this. We started dating December twenty eighteen. Okay so it's a year and a couple of months year and a couple of months but they're not very untraditional sense that you guys didn't really see each other much for the beginning stages of the relationship so we started talking November and then as soon as like the first time we saw each other we decided to be boyfriend so sweet then even after that you guys still had a long distance because he's got a busy schedule last Valentine's day we were still like a secret air quotes we Antonio on the weird dating. And when did you guys quote come out and we are looking at our instagram's it was what late. February of last night. So we're coming up on the one year coming out for that out to announce that you're in a relationship with Ben Higgins. Yeah I underestimated it so I didn't get nervous until like my phone started to get hot that night. 'cause I was like blown up because the thing about Ben US obviously the bachelor so he's known for relationships and I think well. I don't think everybody loves Ben so much that WHO I think. Everybody was rooting for him. And then all of a sudden one day he was like you were that that person that everybody was like yes bent found his person. It's about time now and so was overwhelming for you. All of a sudden I mean not like a given example instagram followers right How many followers gain just from that? I think I got like sixty thousand and nine or something like that is over one. Because phone must've been blowing up. Everybody missed him and talking to you especially you keeping a secret. It was wild. It was that day was definitely overwhelming and I just got back from Honduras and with him and so it was like two days into that. I was on a business trip. It was a really like overwhelming day in general but luckily he kinda helps guide me along a lot and I have a lot of people that hold me accountable and that kind of thing so it was overwhelming. But now it's just kind of fun and funny. Did you plan that because you did the humanity and hope trip right to Honduras which for the listeners? Out there if you haven't heard of humanity and hope you should check that out. It was a fantastic organization. They bring you you gotta see locally sourced coffee beans. You've got to visit some communities and help them scale. I guess I don't really don't want to Miss Miss. Define it new development of communities within Honduras. What is the? What was the planning process of going up? Posting your first picture together because that's three months of essentially being boyfriend girlfriend. Was there we guys like today? We're going to do it or are we gonna do it in a week. We're going to do on this day. Specifically was it just like you know what we're just GONNA do it. What was the proper plan? Kazan's you talked to someone about it. It was strategic very very strategic. It has to be. Yeah we one was. I wanted to be out of the country because I didn't want to take calls about it too. I thought well this is an organization we we both had believed in and we cared about and so why not a picture taken down there to promote this organization. That's helping lives if this is going to be a picture that everybody uses and then to like. They're like as soon as you get. I think just can be understanding a little bit. Maybe she even know at the time but for us you know we're dating and private and it was great and we're having a great time. It was fun and we were dating in enjoying that side but there is pressure that comes to announcing public relationship because then all of a sudden you're tied and it's like I wanna make sure this is the real deal like this thing was happening. We were good because if you announce a relationship after a month and a half and then you break up in a month like that hurts so for us I want you know. I think we're both like L- let's just make sure that we're steady like this. What we're feeling and thinking right now isn't just like a new cool like lustful thing so three months is actually a great great timing. It was we. We had our own time privately and then announced it and it's been a blast. It's great it. Sounds like your Valentine's into a lifetime Fulla Valentine's Day. There's a lot of Valentine's so you guys so I know you're doing the bachelor live right now. So you're on tour bus Jesse you're going to be on the bus be popping in and out in and out. Yeah I'm excited though it's nice bus. Everyone says you sleep. Really good on those buses. She'll be coming in like every three weeks. I could see Jessica coming onto the bus. So that's kind of the plan right now actually in the country. I've got a question. Let's get it. You guys love each other. She's your best friend. He's your best friend. When do I fit into this? When do I get to meet up with the tour bus and go funny? Dean? We've a bunk for you. We actually have negotiated into the contract open bunk for friends to come stay on the bus. Leto specifically for me. I was a lot more fun for a minute. But you're a friend. Yeah I mean that is kind of like in its friends in parentheses all friends. Yeah so please. Come stay on the bus. I would love to be with you anytime. It would be fantastic if I could spend any waking moment with you traveling on the road because quite frankly is a professional editor dean. Do you have any time that you might pop into bachelor life? Do you have anything? I don't have anything planned. I told Ben. With no response received that I would love to go to like a small town on the tour that you guys are going to experience that with. You just like sit backstage. Watch Becca do their thing and just kind of took me Tahoe. Be Good Spire Reno. Be Good spot. Lazy as a great spot it would make small city. Time Twin Falls Idaho. Okay let's do it. Let's take you take the van. I'll meet you there on the bus. We'll spend some time backstage dean. I'm telling you this right now. Jared I would say the same thing to you but Dina's the one here that I'm speaking to if you walked out on that stage one of these shows the place would blow gaskets. I don't want I don't WanNa do that. I WanNa Watch you and BECCA hosts beautiful show. Okay I would want us to walk out on stage okay. I have one more question before we part ways with you guys and feel free to just deflect if need be but given the given the fact that it is Valentine's Day the day of love. Do we see any type of proposal. Potentially in the future between you two. What's what's on the rise in for Ben INGESTS. Oh definitely I mean I think that just Kanye's life is very align. I'm excited about the future. What's next for US Jessica just started a company in Denver called sweating at Denver and it is is a wellness platform where you pay a small membership fee and get discount. So how'd you get into that? Because Ben Lives in Denver so Nashville. I am so I owned in Nashville. Also but I'm planning on making the move to Denver once the question gets popped. Yeah Okay Okay. So the plan is hopefully yeah point. Maybe things progress. Yeah it'd be on the one year anniversary of your guys is coming out. Let's expectations on anything being. Maybe and then you would move to Denver. Yes so that's a tentative plan. That's that's for any. I want to ask before you guys go advice for long distance relationship but I guess from an outsider. That's the biggest advice I could give would be. If you're doing long distance have a plan and don't just expect things we'll just line up the way they do because I feel like they always fall apart. Yeah so you guys have done a long distance relationship would be your biggest piece of advice for anybody dealing with that right now Communicate with like where you're at and how you're feeling at all times been always has if there's anything bothering you at any point you just have to tell me like I can't because I would bottle things up and then I would explode about little things and it would lead back to something bigger. The happened a long time ago. So immediate communication like just making sure on the same page because especially as it girl you can like get ahead of yourself. Sometimes I think girls are really bad about that so making sure that like you're on the same page about everything at all times otherwise someone will end up like disappointed or something at some point. Yeah I think it's great also pretty couple out there. Never leave your partner without having a plan on one to see them put so huge. It's fantastic advice for our listeners. Out there for the listeners out there thank you so much for listening to this week's episode of help. I suck at.

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