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I think you need to know number one president gives the state of the union tonight. Seven o'clock start time on Canas t you near coverage here, you can watch with Ryan me at Mr. Ron's, our state of the union watching party five until seven is when we'll be there and then seven o'clock, the president talks all the TV's are onto it. And Mr. odds and the bar in the patio. Enjoy second thing, I think you need to know the president is up to forty eight percent approval rating with Rasmussen forty eight percent Obama at the same point forty six percent. And remember the media loved Obama had his back in the media hates Trump the guy onto something. Third thing. I think you need to know migrants. And caravans. Yup. Air now at our border again eagle pass Texas, Mexico bust up fifty five buses bussing thousands of migrants to the border. They want to bum rush into America. There's no wall there. There's just the Rio Grande shallow parts of it. We'll see what happens our border patrol is. They're they're on high alert. They're ready to go three things. I think you need to know. And again, a buddy of mine who was driving by davis-monthan yesterday. Told me he's like dude just driving by saw the pallets and pallets and pallets of econ Frontino wire the razor wire it'll be about nine hundred troops building a border wall made of razor wire. So people can cross that is fantastic. Fantastic. Now, let's play. Let's play audio real quick. Because this is what's crazy. We have hope the president points this out yesterday. The fact that this is just sick and disgusting that a democratic Senator from the state of Washington blocked, a Bill that would require babies at survive abortions. The to get aid from Dr. Instead of being left to die there. There a doctor would be quiet, and by the way, what Dr wouldn't do this. And then you're sick twisted people. But the doctor would be would be required to give medical aid to the baby, right? This democratic Senator Patty Murray blocked it. She objected to it. Sick twisted. Right. And it's the hypocrisy. Because what did you hear forever? You can't separate babies from their parents babies from their moms. But you're okay with letting one die. Letting more than one die isn't Hippocratic oath. I don't know. Obviously state that they're not supposed to do any harm. And it's supposed to help. I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn express last night. I don't know. I'm sure it's something like that. But apparently, not not a doctor, but I play one at home. But well, so you know, there's there's nothing that says they I guess they have to do it. If the mom says, no let it die the doctor unless it's just sick. It's sick. But it is what it is. So you have the Democrats complaining that Trump separates parents from kids because you can't win when people cross the border legally, you can't put the adults in the same prison cell as kids you can't do that they acted as if he was destroying the world and destroying these kids yet. They're cool in the state of New York. They're trying to get there in Virginia. They're trying to get there in Vermont. To make it. Okay. To have a baby come through the birth canal be aborted, which is basically murdered. And then if it survives. You can't help it. Sick. Let's play audio. If you don't mind. This is a Hillary Clinton. She was part of the Hillary Clinton campaign's Lena Maxwell, one forty nine she's on MSNBC today. One forty nine giving her take on why people aren't mad in her mind at kids being separated at the border. Listen to this child separation policy is a racist policy. And I think it's a stain on this nation and the cruelty of it to quote, Adam Sarah is the point of it. The reason why we're not up in arms because he children are not white. And the fact is separated these these children from their parents and had no intention of reuniting them are tracking them in any way shows that that wasn't even a thought that they had that they might need to reunite these kids because they didn't care enough to think that through. If there are white. They would totally reunite them. Really, then she doubled down one fifty the MSNBC chick agreed with her listen. I Don disagree with you. But the outcry has I remember Laura Bush came out and said, this is reminiscent of the ugliest chapter one of the ugliest Japanese. So why isn't there any pressure among Republicans? I don't disagree with anything. You said why doesn't anything happen because the children are not white? There you go. There you have it the nice. So. Yeah. So you've listened it's going to be. Just incredible tonight to watch the president listen to him to watch him. You could hear on the radio, and I hope you do. But if you watch it with us. Again, just imagine how many times he says things about the border about babies, you know, again, so it's immoral to have a wall, but it's moral to abort a baby as it's coming through the birth canal as be what have you said that speaker Pelosi as speaker below you say walls are immoral. But democratic Senator who's here today. Patty, Murray blocked, a Bill that would require medical aid to a baby that survives an abortion is that moral. Is a wall worst and letting a baby Nancy can you imagine a face on her her face? You might explode. They had made it it literally might explode. She'd be so confused he's such a ding bat Elvis. She just. That'd be unbelievable. Not wanting her head to explode. I'm just saying would be unbelievable. Eight fifty. We gotta get to a lot more, including what Chuck Schumer has already said the president tweeted about it. But with Chuck Schumer already said about the state of the union speech before it's even been seen or given. And then we get lesbian study. Why fat lesbians eat a lot we paid for that study swear to God, don't go anywhere. Kanus teams have ninety two sons. Most stimulating talk the morning ritual with Garrett Lewis already in February. And you know, what that means? We are probably a month away from really warm weather even a few weeks, and we'll probably like six weeks eight weeks from like being able to hang out by the pool as that body. You wanted to get healthy you really wanted to. But you're like, but my knee hurts my.

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