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I think swift is the only one. I really count on to be a legitimate passing game help the way the lions used him last season and the skill set he showed. I think he's probably the best bet among this group to have sixty five to seventy targets. I think it's an open question for everyone else So he might actually end up being number one among this group once. I you know tweak things but i like all of them well enough i think acres is the one that i'm least likely to draft this year. He you know the the six games where he was really the every down back playing. Sixty five to seventy five percent of the snaps. He rushed for five hundred and sixty one yards which is awesome but only had fourteen targets in those five era. Those six games one hundred forty seven receiving yards. I'm just. I'm not sure. What the receiving game role is going to be. That hasn't really been there for the rams since todd gurley new quarterback there was running backs all the time in fact that the andre swift has a new quarterback. That hasn't who's running backs in two years. I just don't think that matters a lot more within the context of the offense and the quarterback themselves. There are certain quarterbacks who don't throw the ball to the running max. But that's mostly mobile quarterback deshaun watson who are more willing to scramble than just dump off so acres. The carries were a huge carry. Tom numbers twenty eight in the first playoff game. One hundred thirty two overall in those six games when that fifteen to sixteen per game rather than twenty to twenty five. I'm just not sure how high the ceiling is. If that receiving role doesn't materialize. Jamie wanted to give us your rankings. Of those four. Chris went miles sanders swift nixon acres acres slipped sanders acres swift acres. I well acres swift sanders. Mixson okay and then data. They're all my top fifteen. Okay give me a quick ranking. Then jamie expand on acres number one acres swift mixing sanders to interesting very jamie europe first acres number one. I just think they're game flow is going to be a lot in his favor. This is going to be team. That's gonna have a chance to win a lot of games. I think his role in the passing game will increase slightly. I don't think it's going to be two point where he's a dynamic pass catcher but i think a full offseasons gonna matter for him tremendously. I do think the quarterback change will help him. I also think that mcveigh's gonna realize what his skill set is expand that Based on what he did in college you know he was a pretty good pass. Catcher for state. I think that will carry over the. Nfl's wall as he's used in more some obvious passing down situations. I don't think they're fully trusted him until the end of the season to be a little bit more pass blocker so just being on the field in those situations with malcolm. Brown gone a veteran that they trusted to be in those spots He's not going to be part of the roster anymore. So i think acres can be a a thirty five to forty catch guy and what will do running the ball. I think that will put him in the top ten range. So that's why. I think he's a break canada's well everybody's got swift second that's interesting debut of sanders. Last go acre swift mix and sanders. And where is he by the way just in your overall running back rankings. He's nineteenth..

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