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Washington, D C. Constitutional law experts say only Congress has the power to actually do that. Sherry Preston ABC NEWS HOMO News 1000 FM. 97 7, It's 6 31 right now on this beautiful Thursday morning, we're in for another warm day. 56 degrees in Seattle right now, along with Greg Herschel time, Madam Factor here. The top stories from the camo 24 7 News Center Governor Jay Inslee has extended 26 different emergency orders that have been in effect largely since the beginning of the Pandemic, and members of both parties and the Legislature signed off on the plan to extend these proclamations to October 1st. This means things like renewing your driver's license in person. Penalties for not paying taxes and job. Search requirements for those collecting unemployment remain suspended after days of falling numbers are state added 438 new covert cases yesterday. Pushing the total number of infections in our state above 75,000 new report offers the state of Washington very favorable distinction is Brian Calvert tells us the governor's patting himself on the back after finding out his state is the best the best at what you ask the poverty. Focus group Oxfam America recently looked at worker protections. Healthcare and unemployment support during the pandemic and determined that the state of Washington is the best in the country of these things. The report specifically mentions Washington's moratorium on evictions and utilities being shut off paid family and medical leave programs and requirements for personal protection equipment on the job as reasons for its high score. Governor, Inslee responds. We must continue to do whatever we can to ensure that workers and families have what they need. I recognize this work is not done, The report says. That last part is correct that states Washington could improve its overall score by providing childcare too essential workers and mandating no cost to covert 19 patients for treatment. Brian Calvert Cuomo News It is back to school for some of the state's largest district today. Could start their years remotely in Bellevue, Fife Port Angeles, Puyallup, San Juan Island, Stanwood Camino Island and still come. The Seattle district starts It's all online school year tomorrow. By the end of the week, nearly all public school students in the state will be back in class. 94% will be taking classes, though online high school athletes are demanding the right to play fall sports and they're taking their fight to Olympia as we hear from comas, Corwin hey, the state's decision to postpone football and other fall sports until at least January, 1st was a measure to prevent covert night. 18 transmission. But members of the new group student athletes of Washington say postponing fall sports will lead to family stress and loss of scholarships. It's an argument being voiced a rallies around the country, including in Pennsylvania, where fall sports have also been postponed. Many students have been playing for most of their life with dream that continue playing in college. People for those students who are stressed now over their futures. Because of this controversy, more than 26,000.

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