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Me. Look the the show pass that they gave me the day i walked in with the show to pass that i retired in but they had told me in the helmet that i had i had the same model hillman but skip it. They say next year shannon. You're gonna have to file a new helmet so shannon's not gonna wait. Til next year comes to go to training camp. I'm what i'm gonna do how many miles we got okay. I'm gonna start bidding models in the off season to get acclimated to skip you and me being who i am. I believe they would have afforded me to courtesy guys. I'm gonna need you to come in. I'm going to get a little bit. I need a little bit more specific to my like come in and do it <music> out new jobs but they would have got too close of my liking ebbe possibly could have killed me look i. I wrote down. What is it two thousand thousand two hundred eighty n._f._l. Players right now currently on rosters and nobody has an issue except that guy exactly wow what i play i was one of the few guys are tied in that played with no pads in his in his pain so i had no thought patrimony pants i did it because i rickey jackson did do it old the old hall of fame linebacker and i thought it looked cool. Okay guess what the n._f._l. Requires every plan n._f._l. To do now have in the past well so you wouldn't sue sued them for you know. Why didn't you tell me i needed thigh pads and kneepads now. You both know five pounds in the past do help with trauma without both know that skill but the n._f._l. N._f._l. fans. We're trying to make the game. You're saving audible yeah so now. They're trying to make the game safe but already told you what's going to happen. Skip bayless. You know this and everybody knows the moment something happens and he has that hill on one hundred million because you were supposed to say me. I'm just antonio brown if i'm the n._f._l. Now you have to make sure they win. They can't lose this. <hes> eight antonio brown cannot be be bigger than the lead and he won't be everybody else has said you know what as much as i love my helmet you try to make the game c. B. remember skip. Sometimes you have to save the player or the player from himself. They're trying to help hard. He the it all right. What player has dominated the first. Two episodes of hard knocks helped me out. I think it's that guy passi calling the game. What will be the the most captivating story line of tonight's episode three one a bet on it. It'll be that guy and it'll be this grievance and all that goes with it and what i am hoping for war is that we will see a quote unquote off camera rant. That's on camera for h._b._o. Behind closed doors of a coach's meeting in which gruden will just throw a fit about where the hell is antonio brown i want to know and it will be profaned and it will be wildly and john rooney the behind closed close-door line on a._b. I need your ass on the field. You're paying thirty million dollars. You're the second or third high paid wide receiver and you're not practicing okay. We understood the feet problems but that's been resolved..

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