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Of those black matters other ways to do it. We're it's much more attractive, and there's better ways to do it. We're. It doesn't affect the time us and with these new pool heaters. Sometimes you can heat the pool at three AM. Exactly. Right. That's the systems we like to put in that. We're actually doing this at night when powers much much. That's that's a big takeaway really is basically it's just we're using the same technology that we're using to heat water in people's homes. The technology were used to heat people's homes with and these heat pump technologies grounds. You know, we hear this ground source. He pump. It's all that same technology that we have incorporated into the pools where we're able to take that take that solar lecturer. And now use it to heat our pools very very efficiently. So we're able to take that energy off that solar system and take it at three o'clock at night. Just like you said and now heater pools at night where we can actually get the benefit of that low cost power to do that job. And it's a whole lot less expensive than most most people even. Think about isn't it. It depends on the situation. But yes. Especially when you consider heating between five pm and eight pm a lot cheaper than that. Boy that stuff is gone. Chris getting crazy expensive. Exact that's what we want to show you and just make you aware of that. You know, things could be changing if do we don't want that to be negatively impact junior. When the pools warm, the kids are happy when the adults come over with them. The adults are happy everybody being happy. And if you can do that save some money, I think it's pretty good deal. I think it's a pretty darn good deal. You know, we've gone over a lot of topics today. And.

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