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You wanted them. It's 1 51 on the John Phillip Show Talk Radio 7 90 K A B c. We're joined by Dr Kelly victory. Who's taking your calls at 802 22 K A B c 1 802 225222. Let's begin with Phil. Phil, you're on K A B C. Hello. I want to thank you and doctor victory. I have a question on and then a request. Um Have a 60% kidney function and a friend of mine had called about two weeks to go on red. We're fight him indeed. Affects the kidneys. And do you know anything about that? Well, sure, sure. You don't want to take too much vitamin D vitamin D is one of the vitamins that is fat soluble. S o. It actually can build up in your body. Unlike other water soluble vitamins like vitamin C, You can't take too much because you just end of urinating out. Any access gets eliminated from your body. Vitamin D, on the other hand, can build up in your body on so you don't want to take too much of it. It also can precipitate things like Kidney stones and certain people, But so it's safest for people who are in the older age categories or who have underlying kidney issues to get their vitamin D levels checked. Just so you have a better idea of how much you should be taking to supplement. Your vitamin D level, okay? And what? You just go over the vitamins we should be taken and how much Sure in general, we say that vitamin C You should be taking 1000 MG a day. Vitamin D for most people between 3000 and 5000. I used a day is a good place to start Zinc. Anywhere between 25 50 mg a day is good Taking that along with queers, the 10, which is 500 mg squares, the tin helps to push the sink into yourselves and is very helpful For that reason melatonin. Many people take melatonin for sleep and take only to be somewhere between two and 5 mg. But in terms of using it to help with Cove it and to prevent Cove it. We recommend between five and 10 mg of melatonin every night because it's very good anti inflammatory drug So those the top ones vitamin C Vitamin D Zinc course it in and melatonin. More with Dr Kelly victory coming up in moments right here on talk Radio 7 90 K A. B. C Start the new year, right during the Xfinity Hello.

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