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Rex Ryan, Mitchell Trubisky, Deandre Hopkins discussed on The Morning Roast


I feel discover later most resemble in either appearance of personality I'll go with personality and say Doug Baldwin because Lenny is passionate and occasionally very surly Spencer Kelly seven asks building off of your Hopkins article can you name a current receiver? Who was a quarterback change away for being a household name? So the story about deandre Hopkins in all the quarterbacks he played with throughout the years. And how you know finally, he's kinda got the guy in Houston. So current receiver who I think would become household name in actually like I don't think case keenum's by. Any means a terrible quarterback. But I'm very high on Cortlandt Sutton in Denver. I'm big fan of his. Tough question. Most receives already household name. So last together. Got it doesn't get enough credit is Mike Evans, Tampa in my little really couldn't see her. Really good. Yeah. Ooh. That we're gonna talk about James and whenever he gets taken at the end of our draft. So that's that's interesting to think about how it might be a little bit different for him with a different quarterback s Chartres three to three twelve asks. What is Lenny favorite treat again, very eccentric podcasts. Looking to get my pup something new for Christmas. I just got him a for Bo which is a like a camera that shoots out treats. So my dog's now living in a surveillance state. Have you heard of those do you have a dog? Wow. I do. He's laying on my leg right now. I had no idea. Wow. There's two dogs on his podcast right now. We're going back to the quarterback grass. So I'm just gonna read the quarterbacks. One more time that are remaining darnold Rosen. Alan Jackson, the rookies it's funny because they're all in such well less Lamar but such bad situations. It's so hard to evaluate them, which is the whole shoe, but and then we got Mitchell Trubisky and then Winston Mario Matt who you take. I man this is this is a critical point here. But I think so reverse key really about. Yeah. Fair. Because I liked him coming out of draft so much like I really liked you might top guy. Most prepared in that draft. I would not take him to overall. But I think he's a good player. Like this. Listen to Rex Ryan I work with Rex Ryan on Sunday countdown every Sunday morning, and basically he calls him Mitchell Vic clicky thinks he's such an amazing runner. And I don't really watch Bisky. But the numbers are unbelievable like him as a runner the numbers are unbelievable. And so, you know, just I guess I like hearing from a defensive coordinator type guy like Rex Ryan who like who. Would you not want to? No game plan for it. And it's it's chill. Did you feel like a so it's funny? You mention Rex Ryan because I remember talking to him about tyrod Taylor who he liked the bills, and he also really liked him. And I always feel like that defensive coordinators really hate playing quarterbacks more maybe like, it's almost like defensive coordinators tend to like them more than offensive coordinator's, right because they're afraid of them and can't really game plan for them the way, they like, and I think it's funny. A lot of the guys by the way left on this list are threat quarterbacks. I mean, you Mitchell Trubisky can run watch Josh Allen. Right. But so I do love that aspect of trubisky's game. But man, he. Really struggles..

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Rex Ryan, Mitchell Trubisky, Deandre Hopkins discussed on The Morning Roast

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