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Earning six hundred and thirty million dollars globally in its opening weekend the highest of all time the nineteenth film in the vendors franchise brings together some of the biggest heroes in the marvel universe from iron man to black widow to black panther all uniting across their respective galaxies to defeat thanos the ultra villain searching to find the infinity stones now black panther the third highest grossing movie of all time domestically is climbing to box office charts again experts say thanks to infinity ward spoiler alert i know what happens at the end of that movie turns out that darth vader is luke's father as abc's diane macedo reporting former snl cast member and comedian dennis miller is planning a joke attack against white house correspondents dinner comedian michelle wolf miller did not like michelle wolves controversial white house correspondents dinner performance tweeting what a horrid human being michelle wolf is i'm going to read up on her over the next couple of days and i'll have a few brutally mean jokes about her by wednesday miller is now trending on twitter as people post brutally mean jokes about him a few millennials wondering who the slow working dude is with one user joking i love the dennis miller is still using a publicity photo i twitter account that's older than some twitter users that's mike bauer reporting apple fixed a seri glitch over the weekend had to do with a surprise i phone users got when they ask siri to define the word mother over the weekend when i phone users asked to siri to find they were so shocked by her response that they posted videos of it online a woman in relation to child dr chiltern to whom she has given birth not that part the surprise comes.

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