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Well as we'll be the case and they flew susi it'll be a question of where value intersects with needs in a certain round and i'm sure there are teams that liked him anyway in the late routes which now has pushed himself up higher than that and so we'll get into a i don't know of the third round the fourth fourthround different bp and somebody will likely kim enough in having a high enough great on him that that at that point time uh somebody's gonna pick him out or whether you simply will live back or safety or corner i don't know what is it by a lot of different things but they'll be somebody the likes of enough that's gonna take him at a fairly high position it would be signed it seem reunited with his twin brother i've been seattle's what about the owner backs who did you like coming out of this weekend's uh you know if it josh alan through the football very well was very impressive dating a sandar was not gonna throw and i don't think that's a beat the oil anybody it's minute video that i think it's just over state there's no rated the guy workout for teams anybody wants to see him workout they'll go through private workouts and where they get the script and get to dictate to him the throwers that they would like him to make an adjust and that's a nice throws a baker mayfield and i i think he ran four eight forty oh a little slower than i would have thought um so people can parents russell wilson that that that time is just not russell wilson like time so you know the eyes are on those quarterbacks but let's see this just a small snapshot of these guys body of work their resume and you know that they've got years of tape in college they'll have private visits year in private workouts for teams you know th the combine i think people get a little swept up in it in and you know i it's you know it's become like a madefortv event w you know and i think the medical czars and.

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