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Net rocks. This is carl franklin. And this is richard cable and boy. It's been a while since we recorded a show. It's been a few weeks you gonna give you time off. We do a bunch of shows all at once and you get a couple of weeks off. They do a bunch more. I like it. it's march first right now. I mean right now as you're listening to this but as we recording it's march first than night saw. The crocus is coming up poking on today. Saying he here i am here i am. Don't worry life is coming back. life is coming back. Yeah it is pretty pretty rough winter. No two ways about it is pretty cool. This is going to be a great show but before we get the guests and stuff and before better no framework. I have a little announcement to make. I have put out. What i think is going to be a very popular. Get repo. it's called blazer sliders and there's a new package for it as well. It's just what you think but sliders is sort of you think like a slider that goes back and forth. But i'm talking about. I think about a hamburger. But that's especially blazer sliders right. I mean something. I want to order at chili's or burger king sunday but anyway yeah so so. It's multiple panels horizontal and vertical split panels. Right so you have a sprayer in the middle and you can grab the splitter and move it left and right to the panels in the whole thing re sizes when you re size the browser you can make it. Take up the whole screen. It's blazer it's good you can estim- right now. You can only nest a horizontal inside a vertical. But i'm working on multiple nesting. I basically got it working. And now i put it out there. Good yeah now. i'm refactoring it and making it actually more efficient and less verbose and all. Now you get the me notes from people of course our whole product around your library and it's your fault there's and it's only been a couple of days and thirty download. Some not all the eric about it. Give them a couple more weeks to really get the hate on for you right. So here's my advice. If you're using one point zero point one that's gonna change. So but but the good news is that properties are being taken away not add so the you won't need to do so much manual set up it'll automatically discover who the children are and who the parents are in. It'll automatically figure out how to size itself right now. I do i have. I would require a little bit of setup in the parameters but that's going away so anyway enjoy blazers flyers works on s- a server and blazer wasim and Yeah but that's not my better framework. Oh okay will you better play the music then be yeah you better go now. You know you do it. No you fine..

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