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Chiana, Michael Moore, LA discussed on Tim Conway Jr.


And his daughter Chiana anybody going has to have a ticket and a parking pass without either one of those you will be turned away at at checkpoints on the outer perimeter LAPD chief Michael Moore says streets around LA live will be closed and barricades will be set up so coming to this area if you do not live worker exist in the surrounding complex or you're not a ticket item here is not going to offer you a moment of satisfaction tickets to the memorial sold for as much as two hundred twenty four dollars each the money will benefit Bryant's mamba and mama Sita foundation and the mamba on three foundation police and haven't have arrested a young man and woman for the murders of three women at a rental home twenty year old Jordan goos mon in her eighteen year old boyfriend Anthony McLeod were found in Las Vegas their relationship as boyfriend girlfriend how did they come to be in that house they just recently moved into the house Senate PT's Shane Niko says after the couple killed the three roommates they stole one of the women's cars and drove to Vegas what is the motive for this murder unfortunately right now we don't have a motive and we are still working on that information is mine in the cloud or still in custody in Las Vegas on two million dollars bail each in riverside county Steve Gregory KFI news a Muslim prayer leader in London is recovering from a stabbing inside a mosque the accused aber yesterday was a man who'd been noticed attending prayers for a couple weeks a man who witnessed the attacks as the stabber pulled out a small knife small.

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Chiana, Michael Moore, LA discussed on Tim Conway Jr.

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