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The press center. Glass wants to be on your face the apps break. Last number gency. They give soul those swag when the event to give us access. Yes. So after a year of speculation on what the Oculus Santa Cruz hardware was, we heard about that last year at the Oculus connective end. And then now this is this is kind of the fruits of that labor. This is it, of course, has a different name. What do you think was it worth? The wait was quite what you expected or a little different. Well, let's break down exactly what this is. Four hundred dollars gets you. A virtual reality kit that does not require computer does not require extra webcams does not require wires, and it works in what's known as six degrees of freedom. Meaning I can put this thing on and I can walk around an open space as if I had a more expensive HTC vibe comes with a couple of controller, so I can stimulate my hands comes with some buttons and triggers, so I can pretend to pick pick up a tennis racket or a gun or anything like that. And while I have tested this before those tests came in more limited rooms that looked fake. They have these weird fake rugs and fake things on the ceiling. This has been pl-. Out in more open rooms without any like furniture or any sort of fake room stuff. And when I would not consider ideal ways to play in a space like this and it works, I've played a super hot, which is a popular VR game. That was the most incredible thing I just find. I finally got to crack that open today and I was able to just run all the way around with no cords. I was able to dodge around matrix style pickup. Guns attack things dash from one side of the room to the other, and it just worked and it has a Snapdragon eight, three five system on chip. Now that's what you would expect an pixel two or a galaxy s. eight. So it's a cellphone part, but it's pretty high end and pretty recent to power that much three, the action inside of seventy two frames a second going on in your face and it feels really smooth. It's not the same as a pro hooked up to a two thousand dollar computer, but it's definitely better than Oculus go and some of these more limited smartphone rigs it. It works. It's fantastic. What What is the difference. is the difference between Oculus go and this Oculus quest? Yeah, Oculus go, is you sit down, you can't get up. You can't move around. It's notice three degrees of movement. You can turn your head, but you soon as you do shoulder to shoulder movement, all breaks objects, don't really. Yeah. In fact, that sort of wonder if they kind of wish they'd save the name actually go when you're using this thing, this one you can. You can run all the way around the room. In fact, I tested this out any four thousand square foot arena in which I was able to run and duck and hide behind cover, which actually appeared in my virtual world. There's an article about that at ars Technica and it is bonkers. That sort of feature that sort of a laser tag style. Our VR arcade experience will come later for because this is coming in spring twenty nineteen this hardware and some of.

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