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Home for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM yeah it's two forty eight traffic and the weather update again you'll see results Highland Park pretty heavy on north by U. S. forty one approaching central word of a crash on the expressways Eden's wide open either side so was a Kennedy his twenty minutes to and from the airport with no worries along the Eisenhower that you quite she's twenty nine either way between route three ninety in downtown just a sixty minute ride in for Mannheim on the Stephen said you're moving well thirty and from the veterans still way to lake shore drive a twenty minute ride from the tristate tendon from Cicero did on the album trip I fifty five looks great from Shanahan Romeoville no delays either direction the Dan Ryan is fine so is fifty seven and the Ford light traffic on lakeshore Dr hallways the tristate heading north bound the rich overnight road work set up that slowing you down a bit between Deerfield and half day three right lanes are knocked out road work elsewhere north bond and self bomb but no big delays because of it no worries on the Jane Addams tell way or the Ronald Reagan that's I eighty eight the veterans toll and route fifty three both in the clear as is route three ninety east and west along I eighty look straight between manuka and Mokena on both sides northwest Indiana no complaints on eighty ninety four sixty five or the Indiana toll road CTA force part blue line trains will be by by passing the grand station due to construction until four AM this morning so you might want to consider using the number fifty six the walkie bus oral here Bahn trains from Clark in lake your traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty model five poured out of found partly cloudy with a thirty five degree low in the cooler spots to the this morning then partly sunny in fifty two will later today.

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