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And makes it a thirty argh line that was fifty one yards. Now, you're coming along horns, if you're just joining us, Texas is pretty much controlled this football game. Leading twenty two seven. Take a look at the scoring plays here. Etlinger opening drive was a was a big one ten play seventy five yard scored on two yard run. But after a. Almost a muffed. Punt wasn't a muff. Punt but the dropped the ball took a knee and the field goal on that. After a short field. Let ten nothing lead seventeen nothing before Georgia scored back to throw etlinger on first down. Nobody opened dancing around in the pocket. Guy's gonna run up field is pretty evasive. And does not get back to the line of scrimmage. Gladys scrimmage was the thirty tackled up to twenty nine a loss of one. Was struggling to find a good look down the field. Receivers were covered up. Didn't get all the eligible out. He had his tailback. Ingram just sitting out here the left side line as he bought time and kind of worked his way back towards the line of scrimmage and tight quarters. I thought he might just flip it outside the Ingraham for positive game. A two touchdown runs in this game, Texas second and eleven from their twenty nine Watson stretch play farside, right? Turns the corner and walks into the forty pounds along the far sideline. Eric stokes? Finally, got up to the forty three that's thirteen yards. And a Texas. I down though, and they got this guy. From Cal grad transfer is a big win for Tom Herman. He's not an explosive guides had take the top off the defense on big runs been so solid. Great leadership, the nice job there grabbing. Edge back to throw Eleanor up to a play action fake going down field. This is a jump ball. Don johnson. Got it. Georgia twenty two yard line, Eric Stokes was right there. But Johnson all six six of them. Paul down Texas at the Georgia twenty to fifty fifty balls back shoulder fades, they've been a trademark all season long and not very many better receivers to make those plays in the college ranks and Colin Johnson. Watson takes the handoff. As they go with tempo for Texas. And he pauses way inside the twenty down to the eighteen yard line. That's a gain of four the previous past play cover. Thirty five yards Johnson so athletic big frame big catch radius. A ballerina when he goes up for those really hurt Oklahoma in the big twelve championship game on throws like those. There's a bubble screen out to the right? This again to Johnson and Johnson is pushed out of bounds. About the sixteen. Brunton Cox on the stop the clock continues to move down to the final thirty seconds of this quarter downstairs. Guys. Let a hands on hips was Georgia defensive front. They all of a sudden has a massive change. Substituting and George call timeout. So it'll be third down coming up for Texas at the sixteen of Georgia with eighteen seconds to go in the third quarter. We don't scoring in this third quarter. The ball to sixteen yard line. They have to get down to the twelve Georgia. During the time out Bill. Major struggles getting the right personnel on and off the field on this third. Oh three maybe four yards. Is a big play. Because if Georgia can hold up get a stop. At the very worst to feel and it's still a to score game. That'd be a sixty point games. The two touchdowns. Two two point conversions BULLDOGS. Live they've been playing on offense tonight. Very spotty. No condition to give up a seven Texas on this. Dr. All right here we go third down four taxes at the Georgia sixteen moving right to left. Dellinger direct. Snap rolling, right? Looking downfield. He wants to run doesn't get the first down town out of bounds clock will continue to roll. It'll take us to the end. But actually, they stopped the clock now with eleven seconds ball marked out at the thirteen. It's fourth and one. See if they go quickly looks like they are. Four down one to go. Let's see if it's longer time. Takes the snap trying to run up the middle. Yeah. I got the first down that was easy. The top of his centers act Shackelford blood better on the stop and we've come to the end of the third quarter. Then when play resumes, Texas, I down and ten they're gonna market at the eleven yard line. Other BULLDOGS ended the third quarter Texas twenty Georgia's seven this is the allstatesugarbowl on ESPN radio ESPN app. Hey, Molly care, here hosted ESPN's I tape and I am super excited because football.

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