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And then i'm gonna i'm gonna leave the flight and i'm going to not be happy about it. Whatever what happened to that missing in society right now is we're just so like some of us obviously not all of us but some of us are just really really so angry about very basic rules. Absolutely I think it's something that we really need to. Focus on touring around. People recognize that. Have to focus on turning it around A lot of this politically based you know how the left really hates the right and a right really hastily left and you know it's almost like we want to be at war with each other and you know it's it's not good for us to sit back and in feed on this like a lot of times. The news media feeds on this. And riles everyone up and you know. And as there's a portion of the population has take control here and say look. Let's be sensible. Let's learn to live together. Let's learn to live with people who don't actually agree with us. It's okay and busiest for sure. Well all that politics aside. I've always found that that when people are viscerally angry about something there's probably some component of fear and some component of entitlement both at play. And if you think the world should work for me. And what. I believe or how. I'm feeling in the moment. And you're also frightened of some outside force that's when people lash out now i've done that myself and it's something that i'm not proud of but i knew that whenever i've been incredibly stressed out like after my father passed away there are so many high emotions and you know looking back on the situation now i would obviously have done things differently but at that point i was also crying because of seeing window. Clings of apple juice on the windows at mcdonalds. So you know. Empathy is where it really boils down to other people. Don't understand it when you're going through it. I mean if they did understand it. I think they would accept it more but they don't understand it so you have to kind of step back and say look. Maybe this person's really going through something that we need to forgive them for is. That's i think it's something that all of us can think about Tell me one person who has gone through what you went through. In and ben so on the edge and circumstances of life have made things so difficult for them at some point something just pushes them over the edge and then you punish somebody who didn't really do anything too much to you at all and it's just you know it's corrosive overall in somehow someway. We need to just do better. All of us need deservedly absolutely panel from texas house. Democrats fleeing the state to break quorum to worries about the resumption of victims pause during the pandemic to abortion providers suing over the so called fetal heartbeat law. There are big issues and dramatic developments happening in texas but at least we're not in burnsville minnesota where authorities are pleading with residents. Who own pet goldfish not to release them in area. Lakes and ponds turns out. They are thriving too much in keller lake. They're growing to enormous sizes contributing to poor water quality and uprooting plants as npr's jacqueline de as reports the same problem cropped up last fall in minneapolis suburb. Got so bad a team had to remove a truckload of half a million giant goldfish. It's also happened. Before in boulder colorado and lake tahoe in nevada. Oversized goldfish are taking over a minnesota lake. Is this good bad or ugly.

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