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Or at least if you if you wanna keep 'em grants set aside that's fine you know. As far out of the conversation you still have tons of loan programs through the federal government right for a hate the term minorities. Well that are aimed at at you. Know helping the aggrieved. This judge. greece back is A bush appointee so okay so So really i mean if it if it were me in you know i could see counter lawsuits coming from you know communities of color in the farming communities just as easily as you know these these folks have brought forward you know their problem and easily be taken to the supreme court then if suddenly all suddenly all loan programs that are subdivided groups of people are now going to be under scrutiny. Nba called unconstitutional. I just wanna say good morning to everyone in child but yeah you know they say i'm not i'm sorry i just don't see flying a no me either me either but moving on moving. It's all i had to say from our next article up says. Excuse me again. On the subject law class action settlement brings fifty nine million dollars to the descendants of the pembina band of chippewa indians. And this is Released through native news online written by andrew kennard. Your article here goes on to say out of washington fifty nine million Settlement in the peletier videos holland a class action lawsuit alleging trust fund mismanagement and failure to account By the department of the interior will go to four tribes located in the mid west and northwest united states and more than thirty nine thousand beneficiaries on june tenth. United states depar- District court for the district of columbia finalized the settlement which was reached in the court of federal claims with chippewa cree tribe of the rocky boy's reservation of montana and turtle mountain band of chippewa indians of north dakota the little shell tribe of chippewa indians of montana and the white earth band of chippewa indians of minnesota the interior department announced the tribes were represented by the native american rights fund according to the website designated for the lawsuit absolutely nar go north they always kick ass and take names. Love it Quote it took them way too long and it's way too little said gerald grey chairman of the little shell tribe of chippewa indians. The lawsuit has its roots in land ceded by the pembina band of chippewa indians to the united states government in unfair treaties throughout the nineteenth century on october set a second eighteen sixty three the red lake and pembina seated about seven point five million acres of land in the red river region of north dakota and minnesota to the federal government according to a nineteen seventy-one report from the committee on interior and insular affairs and nineteen eighty to report from the senate committee a committee on indian affairs in nineteen o five the pam vinas seated roughly ten million acres of land west of the red river area to the government for price of ten cents an acre as part of what is known as the.

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