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The memorial of the warsaw uprising against nazi germany during world war two at one point trump criticize russia's saying there's a need to quote meet new forms of aggression including propaganda financial crimes and cyber warfare less is also good fronted by the powers that seek to test our will undermine our confidence and challege our intra he also urged russia to quote cease destabilising activities in ukraine and elsewhere and support for haas james including in syria and iraq i west is also confronted by the powers that seek to test our will undermine our confidence and challege our interested in trump also keeping up his feud with cnn while in poland he bashed the news outlets saying they reacted poorly to his tweet in which he shown a wrestling the sea cnn logo the president's claim that he's being attacked by fake news is resonating with supporters but even some of them say at this time time now to turn his focused elsewhere this is kristen sold anderson a republican strategist of his voters would prefer that he focus on the issues he was elected on that if he's a driver recess three driving america do a great need destination tweeting while driving can be dangerous and it's a distraction and i think that's how some of his voters view at now tomorrow the big meeting with russian president vladimir putin on the eve of his first meeting with putin trump bowing to confront new forms of aggression yet he pointedly stopped short of condemning russia or meddling in the us election no word on whether or not that will be anti tomorrow's agenda with that face to face with vladimir putin that is the big story now a check of traffic and here's mary and traffic sponsored by presence health clearing an accident army out on saturday steven senate county line road out of the left lane still about thirty six minutes out to the tristate thirty two coming in edens looks good outbound on the kennedy twenty to the airport 35 coming informal hair twenty five in the local lanes and twenty 24 it out in the express said looks like an accident rounded vision inbound eisenhower forty from fifty three twenty six from mannheim inbound ryan twenty two from.

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