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York mayor bill de blasio is canceled school expecting more than a foot of snow there i'm tim maguire the movie black panther has set the record for being the most tweeted about movie ever twitter says black panthers been tweeted about more than thirty five million times that pushes it ahead of the previous record holder star wars the force awakens the most recent star wars installment the last jedi ranks third over the weekend black panther became the first film since avatar in two thousand nine to top the box office in north america for five straight weekends it's grossed more than six hundred seven million dollars domestically and one point two billion dollars worldwide twitter's that black panther had the most tweets in the us followed by the united kingdom and thailand the rough week is getting rougher for facebook after it was learned a campaign consultant use data from the social media site to try to sway the two thousand sixteen election for donald trump ap's charles de la desma reports now a probe is opened into the company cambridge politica commission sympathizer is pursuing a warrant search came which analytic services the company allegedly used a to mind from facebook to help donald trump win the two thousand sixteen presidential election denims told the bbc she's also investigating facebook and has asked the company not to pursue its own audit of cambridge analytical data use she says facebook has agreed denim said the prime allegation against cambridge analytica is that is acquired personal data in an unauthorized way charles through london a british art teacher won a highly competitive one million dollar teaching prize on sunday for her work with inner city children in london andrea severe aku beat some thirty thousand applicants from around the world to win the global teacher prize the alberton community schoolteacher was awarded for her work in the london borough of brent one of the most ethnically diverse places in the country has students come from some of the poorest families in britain with parents who don't necessarily speak english she was credited with her efforts beyond the classroom which include establishing relationships with parents riding with students on the bus and standing at school gates with police officers to welcome students at the start of the day is a feerick who is the first british teacher to win the award prime minister theresa may congratulated her in a video recording at the award ceremony spring it's finally here.

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